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Here are some tips to make sure your child enjoys variety in his or her school lunch:

  • Purchase a small stainless-steel insulated container and fill it with hot soups, leftover stews or pastas.
  • Liven up sandwiches by using different types of bread such as pita pockets, small submarine buns, raisin bread or whole-grain bread.
  • Make sandwiches with a variety of fillings such as tuna, salmon or egg salad, leftover meat loaf, roasted chicken, cheese such as cheddar, cream cheese, havarti and Monterey Jack.
  • Pack a combination of fruits and vegetables along with low-fat yogurt and individual fruit cups.
  • Dessert choices can include arrowroot, chocolate chip or oatmeal cookies or granola bars.

Source: "Better Food For Kids: Your Essential Guide to Nutrition for all Children from age 2 to 6" by Joanne Saab and Daina Kalnins.

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