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Check out the sartorial statements of some memorable mothers

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The Rock Mom: The Rock Mom continues to claim her own creative space even after her kids are born. Exemplars include Gwen Stefani, left, Jane Birkin and Patti Smith.

Jason DeCrow

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The Public Mom: Affecting an elegant, effortless style of dressing humanizes the politically powerful public mom. Witness Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, left, Michelle Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Hulton Archive

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The Bad Mom: Obsessiveness, sartorial and otherwise, is the mark of the Bad Mom. Monstrous maters fictional and real include Betty Draper (played by January Jones on Mad Men), left, Joan Crawford and Carrie’s Margaret White (played to fanatical perfection in the 1976 film adaptation by Piper Laurie).

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The Literary Mom: The signature bohemianism of Literary Moms like Joan Didion, left, Margaret Atwood and Alice Walker signals that they’re more than mothers.

Julian Wasser

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