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We asked you to submit pics of you and your mom - or you and your kids. Here's a selection

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This is my beautiful mother, Paula, and me last summer, fresh off the plane from Victoria, B.C., on our annual mother-daughter adventure, this time to Bacardi Island in the Dominican Republic!

Gamelle FitzGibbon

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Grandma's much anticipated first picture op with grandchildren; a Mother's day gift from her daughters!

Carolyn Kennedy

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Me and my three month old daughter, Oriel - first Mother's Day this year - what an honour.


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My mother was very young, married and then divorced, trying to make a better life for me. But she couldn't and had to make the choice to put me up for adoption soon after this photo was taken.

Lewis Bartholomew

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As part of an OBHS contriution to a ROM exhibit, a family heirloom, a quilt belonging to my mother, was included. This photo reflects the caring and importance of bonds both tangible and intangible.

Rosemary Sadlier

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I was born and raised in this beautiful city of Toronto. For years my mom and I would say we should just get on the TTC and explore and so we did.

Picasa/Irene Simanavicius

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This photo was taken in 1981 in Delhi, India. We never celebrated mother's day in India. I think it is really nice to celebrate your mother every year. I plan to do something special for her this year.

Samta Panwar

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I was little, not yet one, and already I was interested in everything. My mom looked at the camera, I looked elsewhere. Pretty typical of the mother-daughter relationship in general.

Suzanne Lupa

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This is mom and me at the Elizabeth Bruyere Long Term Care Centre. She took care of me, now I do what I can to take care of her. Love you Mom. - Charlene

Charlene Cummings

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Me (Numero Uno!) and my mom, Marilyn, in Kelowna, B.C., posing in front of her Gran Torino.

Chris Hooper

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Mom and I at the cottage in Bala

Christine Cowern

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My husband took this shot of me and my daughter. Neither of us can remember what we are laughing about here, but every time we look at this picture we smile and feel the laughter again. Priceless!

Lynn Crymble

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I was three when this picture was taken. I had been really sick for some time and wasn't allowed to go outside. This was my first walk in the park with my mom. My eyes tear up every time I look at the pic.

Teddy Parvanova

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his photo was taken on Ogunquit Beach in Maine in May 2010 on my mom's 85th birthday. It truly symbolizes the love and the physical closeness we shared for 50 years, for which I am so grateful.

Sophie Mhun

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That's Mom and me just before my college graduation ceremony in 1999. As a mature student in computer studies, I was often overwhelmed by the work demands. But Mom's steady pep talks kept me on track!


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My father took this picture of my mother, my brother and myself on our way home from church. My mother always dressed so stylishly, especially on Sundays.

Carolyne Aarsen

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In January 2011, my daughter Tess and I headed off on a 7 day climb to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest mountain. It was a trip done on a dare - a challenge we celebrated at the top.

Dianne Clarke

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Picture of very proud Mom with my son on his wedding day.

Adele Gosbee

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My four-year-old self wasn't exactly thrilled to be atop the temperamental (and lazy) pony named Ruby. But my ever-supportive mom somehow managed to keep me going. Kelowna, B.C., summer 1986.

Katherine Scarrow

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