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Anton Levin, left, and Adam Moco.

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Who: Adam Moco, 32, photographer and drag queen; Anton Levin, 34, florist

Relationship status: Together since 2017

Location: Toronto

First swipe’s a charm

Adam: I was living in Lisbon when we met. I had always sworn to myself that I would try living in Europe by the time I was 30. I was on Tinder and I noticed Anton. I think it was his Swedish look and he’s a florist, so I thought that meant he was probably creative. I was ready to be in a relationship.

Anton: I was not looking for anything serious at all. I was over from Sweden. It was actually my very first time even on Tinder.

Adam: Being a drag queen is something I tend to be pretty up front about with dating. There are people in the gay world who aren’t into dating drag queens. There was a shot on my profile.

Anton: I didn’t see a shot! I must have just looked at the first one. It’s not like I was looking for a drag queen, but when Adam told me about his alter ego, Miss Moço, I thought that was fun. I love to get dressed up – not in drag though.

Friends and lovers

Adam: Our very first date was at a wine bar. I don’t remember the name – there are a lot of wine bars in Lisbon. I remember feeling like we were having this great conversation. It was easy. There was none of that awkward, “What should we talk about next?’”

Anton: I remember thinking either we’re going to be a couple or we’re going to be best friends. That was the first date. On the second date, we went for dinner and I started feeling all of the romantic tension. I remember being a little nervous the first time I saw him perform. Just like, “Oh god, what if this is cringey?” But he was great. I think I went back to his place.

Adam: We travelled a lot when we were living in Europe. Anton proposed on New Year’s Eve in Sweden. There were fireworks going off. He used a ring pop because the real rings hadn’t arrived yet.

More glam, less glitter

Anton: Adam’s drag life takes up a lot of our time. We go shopping for new looks and I usually go along to the shows, carry the bags. Definitely she has become more fashionable since we started dating.

Adam: Yes. It’s more toned down, a lot more black, more like a woman going to a fashion event.

Anton: There’s definitely a lot less glitter.

Anton: We moved back to Toronto last year. We got married at City Hall and then had a party at the Glad Day Bookshop in the Village.

Adam: We basically have two modes these days: Either we’re out having tons of fun or we’re at home just relaxing with our dog, Pippa.

Anton: She’s lived in four cities now. I think Toronto is her last home.

Adam: Anton is a great cook. He makes vegetarian lasagna, we throw on Netflix and relax.