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Andy Kelly and Alex NursallAndy Kelly and Alex Nursall

Who: Alex Nursall, 31, casting director and journalist; Andy Kelly, 31, graphic designer

Relationship status: Married, together since 2011

Location: Toronto

SWF seeking BFF

Alex: I was writing a story about making friends online. The goal was to try as many different methods as possible: I went on Craigslist, Omegle, Chatroulette, OkCupid. Mostly, I just got a lot of creepy responses. Like, “Yeah, I want to be friends too … what do you smell like?” Andy’s response was one of the most normal.

Andy: I had arrived in Canada a few months previous on a one-year work visa. I had met some people through my roommate, but was looking to expand my circle. I saw Alex’s post on OkCupid and I thought, okay, she seems cool. We connected on Facebook and then decided to meet in person.

Alex: Andy didn’t actually make it into my article because we had to postpone. I think he had basketball tickets or something.

Andy: When we did meet I had said that I wanted to see the city [Toronto]. We met up right downtown at Queen and Yonge and just started walking west. The conversation was really easy and natural. At one point we stopped and it was like, wait a second – we’ve been walking for three hours.

More than friends

Alex: When we met, I had come out of a long-term relationship, so I wasn’t really looking for anything romantic.

Andy: I was sort of like, who knows, maybe we’ll become friends or maybe she’ll be a creepy weirdo.

Alex: It’s funny because I was actually a mess at the time. A week before that first meet-up, I found out I had bedbugs in my apartment, so I was sleeping on my friend’s couch, wearing my friend’s shirt, my ex’s shoes, my mom’s coat.

Andy: I didn’t notice. It was very organic. We hung out a few times and I remember starting to think, okay, maybe this is more than a friendship.

Will you marry me … again?

Alex: We met March 30, 2011, on March 30, 2012, Andy moved in and March 30 of the following year we got married. It was like one date for everything

Andy: It’s very easy to remember. Our actual engagement was we had a conversation, we decided we wanted to get married and we did.

Alex: It wasn’t very social-media-worthy.

Andy: I made up for it last year when Alex was turning 30. She gave me this list of weird requests: Cake that looked like sushi, sushi that looked like cake.

Alex: Every guest had to draw a picture of a dog. It was kind of a joke.

Andy: But I decided, okay, I’m going to do this. After all of the weird list stuff, I gave a little impromptu speech, I got down on one knee and asked Alex to marry me.

Alex: This was five years after our actual wedding, so maybe a little late, but so sweet and so lovely. He gave me earrings.

Andy: It scored me some major brownie points

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