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From Justin Kwong in Vancouver: This is Nova the Japanese Akita at 9 months old.

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From Ziem Phala in Niagara Falls, ON: Here is our 8 week old German Shepherd Titan

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From Patti Callahan in Toronto: Our new, very tired Viszla puppy Red

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Akaash Maharaj in Almonte, ON: Jumblie, my Dalmatian puppy, soaks up the sun at our farm. He was weaned just before last winter, and seems perplexed by the warmth of his first summer.

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From Mary Lynn Futers in Oakville, ON Beckett Columbus Geronimo Houdini Futers arrived home on New Year's Day. He is now 8 months old. His middle names represent all of the amazing parts of his personality

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From Allen Mcavoy in Halifax: Sofie was a seized then rescued dog. She sleeps on the bed because that's where she's happy. (Bedding can be replaced, but the love a dog brings cannot.)

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From Rob Nicholson in Markham, Ont.: Here's our new English Springer Spaniel puppy, Molly Springwald

Harkamal Nijjar/Harkamal Nijjar

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From Louise Crandall in Ottawa: My English Bulldog Oswald fell in love with his feline companion Dexter soon after meeting a few months ago.

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From Nora Guinane in Toronto: Our Westie, Cosmo, at 12 months. His first trip on our pontoon boat at our cottage on Lake Muskasong, Ontario.

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From Louisa Gradnitzer in Vancouver: This is Ziggy, taking a break after swimming at Sasamat Lake, Coquitlam - refreshing days after watching the NHL finals

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From Kate Robb in Winnipeg: This is Abby.

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From Maralyn Jackson in Cambridge, Ont.: This is favorite boy Oscar. We call him the Big O, since he is only 19 inches tall at the shoulders but weighs about 85 pounds. Oscar is a 2 yr old, Olde Victorian Bulldogge.

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From Jennifer Goldberg in Toronto: Meet Martha!

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From Taylor Gray in Winnipeg: It's a dog's life. This is my dog Shadow relaxing in his sandbox.

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From David Hughes in Toronto: Colonel Beauregard is a Louisiana Catahoula Leopard dog. He's 4 months old in this photo (he's now 15 months). Objectively speaking, he's quite simply the best looking dog in the universe.

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From Dalia Lucchetta in Toronto: This is Flo, our Brittany Spaniel/Boxer cross who is coming to us all the way from Florence, South Carolina.

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From Jacqueline Horne in Kitchener, Ontario: This is Lady Molly, born April 8th.

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From Celestine Jack in Norfolk, Virginia: This is my Boston Terrier Butler, aka Boo.

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From Sonia leBorgne in Burnaby, B.C.: Bentley has raised through the ranks from shelter dog at Chilliwack SPCA to full time BFF in his new home. He's a mix breed, greyhoud cross.

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From Christopher Brown in Toronto: Charlie, our Chinese Shar Pei, now one year old and the centre of attention.

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From Michael Gamble in Oakville, Ontario: My dog Juno is one-year-old German short-haired pointer and epitomizes the saying "dogs are what unconditional love is all about"...

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From Pete Anderson from Selby, Ontario: Here's our newest member to our family Walter, born this past Dec 27th. Walter was born with one blue and one brown eyes.

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From T.J. Goertz in Toronto: Barksdale is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and loving life.

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From Natalie Marconi in Toronto: Meet Lambchop and Babycakes! They are the ultimate portable pooches! I've often put the tow of them in a bag or stroller and have taken them with me shopping and to restaurants.

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From Marsha Mann in Inverary, ON: Max and Charlie, only a few weeks old. They have become the best of friends.

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From Brittany Hilton in Toronto: I know everyone always thinks that their dog is the cutest, but mine seriously is! This is Cali, my 4.5 lb Pomeranian

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From Irene Pohle in St. Andrews-by-the-Sea, New Brunswick: Lola at 8 weeks is our fourth weimaraner

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From Tina Webb in Montreal, QC: This is Sadie, a 2 month old Cavalier King Charles spaniel. She's a bouncy little puppy that purrs and chortles more than she barks.

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From Jody Coulter in Ladysmith, B.C.: Winston is a 6 month old puggle and loves to be outdoors with Dad. He loves to cuddle, and chew apart any kind of stuffed toy!

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From Wendhi Gale in Sidney, B.C.: Introducing Satchi and we are now, again, a wolfpack of 3.

Wendhi Gale/Wendhi Gale

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From Kirsty Bruce, in Toronto: Meet Hudson, my half french bulldog, half boston terrier. Shes about 10 weeks old in this photo taken in April when she still needed a sweater.

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From Sarah-Jayne Riley in Peterborough, Ontario: This is Jackson, Jax for short! He is only 9 weeks old! He is a purebred American Bulldog. He loves cuddling with mommy and daddy, running in the backyard, and being with his "Dogmother" Peaches!

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From Andrea K in Picton, Ontario: Our 8 month old Bernese watching us play a baseball game

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From Ariz David in Halifax: This is Squatch, the cutest new puppy ever, an alaskan malamute.

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From Louisa Cantelon in Toronto, Ontario: Dr. Allan Jeffreis and our two dogs: 13-year old Reilly (Yellow Lab), and 3 month old Basil (a wavy-haired Portuguese Water dog).

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From Lisa Susin: This is Maia an Austrialian Shepherd pup. She was about 3.5 months when this photo was taken - currently she is 4 months. She found a soother during our walk..

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From Manchit Boparai: Hugo a rescued Dogue De Bordeaux/English Bulldog puppy mill canine, enjoying the sunshine and freedom of the good life in Ottawa, ON.

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From Natalie Bobyk: Say hello to Steve, my friend Eric's new French Bulldog puppy!

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From Andrea Stewart in Ottawa: Teddy the whippet was named for the author of 'The Decline of the Roman Empire.' Here he is at 9 months old, dressed for cocktail hour.

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From Christa Klein Gebbinck in Hamilton: This is my 5 month old morkie (maltese x yorkie), Brady. She is a 5.5 lb, lovable, bundle of energy. We reside in Hamilton, Ontario.

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From Ewa Jackson in Toronto: Millie is our great dane pup that is about to turn one.

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From Tony Dell'Osso in Toronto: This is our 14 year old golden retriever "Jake" hanging around on our deck in his chair.

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From Hayley Morrison in Toronto: This is Tuxedo our puppy, he is a shih poo (shih tzu -poodle mix), we call him Tux for short.

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From Renata Brandys in Calgary: Charlie was adopted from the Calgary Humane Society. He was rescued from a reserve at the end of December 2010 at the age of 8 months, and soon found a home with us. Never letting him go!

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From Natalie Bobyk in Toronto: Move over Sheen, there's a new Charlie in town. I just adopted my first puppy, Charlie - a 4 month and barely 3 pound Yorkie with the sweetest disposition.

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From Pam LeBlanc in Kingston, Ontario: Kora is a 16-week old German Shepherd pup - and is the cutest dog in the world when she's not biting me or chasing the cats.

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From Scott Hustwitt in Kitchener, Ontario: This is Theo, a 10-month-old West Highland White Terrier, hiding in the wall unit.

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From Sydney Chun in Toronto: My parents' 12 year old pooch, Gigi and myself out for a ride on a sunny afternoon.

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From Steven Carrigan in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia: Goliath is a roughly two year old husky/rotti mix we got from the local pound. He's been a great addition to the family.

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From Jules Sisk in Ottawa: This is Charlesworth D. Muttleigh (a.k.a Charlie). He loves nothing more than to get belly scratches, to rip apart stuffed toys, and to steal cupcakes off of countertops.

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From Dawn Griffin in Fort St. John, B.C: This is our new black labrador Drake. He was 7 months old in April and this is a picture the day we dropped him off at bird retriever school near Oliver. He misses his mother!

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From Tim Bethune in Mississauga, Ontario: Here is our new puppy, Olive. We adopted her on May 20th. She is now 9 weeks old and livess in Mississauga with another dog and two cats to keep her company.

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From Emily Bertrand in Toronto: Meet Boe Winters (14 months). Boe is the most loving (he gives hugs) Husky Lab in town.

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From Jessica Reid in Cambridge, Ontario: Ace, the pomeranian, loves to feel the wind break through his long fur.

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