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Cheeky Danish campaign rewards couples who conceive while on holiday Add to ...

It's been dubbed the “ovulation discount.”

In a bid to help the country’s lagging fertility rate, a clever Danish campaign is encouraging Danes to take a “romantic city holiday,” chill out with their spouse and get pregnant, with the help of a travel discount. If couples can provide evidence that they conceived during their trip, they may be eligible for a three-year supply of baby products and later, a PG-rated holiday for the whole family.

“Do It For Denmark” is the brainchild of Spies Travel agency and ad firm Robert/Boisen & Like-Minded. It’s a cheeky move to combat Denmark’s plummeting birth rate, now at a 27-year low.

The two-minute spot includes some fertility figures: Danes reportedly have 46 per cent more sex while on vacation, the result being that 10 per cent of Danish babies are conceived abroad. In the ad, a man and a woman visit the Parisian hotel room where she was conceived, her face wrinkling in disgust. After that the two embark on a clichéd romp through the city – picnicking, lingerie shopping, oyster slurping.

“To travel and get experiences affects relationships because couples see each other in a new light,” a psychiatrist intones. “It releases endorphins in the brain and creates desire for sex. It’s how we get children.”

Speaking in an interview with Fast Company, agency creative director Heinrich Veilgaard talked about “romantic trips with lots of extra bed action” and his hopes for “a little baby boom.”

In Canada, fertility rates have dropped consistently since 2008, with Canadians not producing enough babies to support an aging population; thank higher costs of living and delayed childbirth, with those starting families later having fewer kids.

Governments facing low rates have long offered baby-making incentives but the Danish blitz certainly stands out. As far as demographics campaigns go, it’s more congenial than China’s recent push for young, educated women to marry earlier.

“As women age, they are worth less and less,” one propagandist article read. “So by the time they get their M.A. or Pd.D., they are already old, like yellowed pearls.”

How inviting.

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