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Actress Gwyneth Paltrow will apear in international ads for Coach.

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Exclusive quotes from Sarah Hampson's interview with Gwyneth Paltrow.

On her singing career:

"I always sang as a kid, in the glee club at school, at a cappella singing groups at school. I always sang around the house, and my friends liked me to sing. I had always wanted to be an actress like my mother, who also sings, and I always thought I would do a musical at some point. I did a film, Duets, a few years ago with my dad that I sang in. ... I think when you're a good actor, you can sing: It's part of your thing. In the old days, everybody did everything. Judy Garland did everything. Fred Astaire did everything. Everybody sang."

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The blog or website is very much me and my experiences. The reason I started it was because I had this life where it was extraordinary. I get to live in Paris for five months and make a movie. I was living in Rome. I was travelling the world and my friends were finishing college and I was always, because of my career, doing things they hadn't done yet. And when they bought a house for the first time 10 years later, they would be, like, 'Where do I buy this? And how do I get to the right markets in Paris?' All this stuff, so I started to write it down. I was exposed to really interesting people. There would be a doctor who would cost too much money for the average person to go to that I would be seated next to at a dinner. I would get really good information ... and I thought, 'Well, why not tell people?'"

On multi-tasking:

"It's hardest for me when I'm on the road - doing an episode of Glee or in L.A. working or on book tour. But when I'm in London and at home in my routine, I have a very normal life. I take the kids to school. I come home. I exercise. I work on the website or whatever I have to do. And then I pick the kids up and do activities. That's the time when I can work ahead and bank a few [Goop]newsletters. I'm always thinking about it and sometimes I'm able to pull it off. And other times, like now, I'm not sure I will be able to get one out."

On rumours about starting a food magazine:

"Total gossip. Totally not true. I could never do a food magazine. When would I have the time?"

On rumours she has signed a record deal:

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"Not true. Most things in the press aren't true. I have been offered a few record deals, that might be where the rumour came from."

On staying grounded:

"I'm lucky because I have the same people that I've had in my life forever. Same friends as I had when I was 4. And that's very grounding and normalizing. And I have a family. Kids don't treat you like a famous person. They're all over you. They want what they want when they want it. They're the celebrities in the house."

On her father's death in 2002:

"it was horrific. It was the worst. I felt completely at sea. I'll never have that relationship again. You have it in reverse with your kids. But I'll never have a daddy. It's a hard thing to lose when you've had such a great version of it."

On her public/private life with husband, Chris Martin:

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"There's always stuff in the tabloids. We make a very conscious and concerted effort not to talk about each other in public and not to be photographed together in public because we think it's not right for us. Our lives are important to us and they're very private and you know, if that means people are going to write that we're not together, that's their right to do that, but it's wrong. We will never walk a red carpet together. We will never talk about each other. It's never going to change."

On whether any more unexpected version of Gwyneth will emerge in the near future:

"Nope. I've blown my wad."

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