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Bennet’s letter to Baily.


Never underestimate the appeal – and adorableness – of a young boy looking for love.

Everyone is talking about the letter sent by four-year-old Bennet Skinner to a classmate in Portland, Ore.

As first reported on BuzzFeed, Bennet recently asked his mother to type the heartfelt missive to a classmate named Baily, also age 4. Jennifer Miller posted the note to Reddit last week and it has been going viral ever since.

The letter opens with Bennet inviting the object of his preschool affections over for a playdate.

"Baily. Will you please come to my house? I think you are pretty like a horse or a ladybug. I'm not sure which. You should come to my house and eat cheeses with me."

And then, as four-year-old boys often do, Bennet gets straight to the point in the most precocious manner imaginable:

"I love you and I lost a tooth last night," he writes. "I think I would like to do a magic trick for you and then let you watch me battle robots."

The note is signed, "Love, Bennet."

In a subsequent BuzzFeed interview, Bennet's mother said her son was inspired to pen the letter after he watched her write an e-mail to a friend.

"I asked him who he wanted to send a letter to and he stated, 'Baily, of course,' " said Miller. "So, he sat down next to me on the couch and dictated the letter and I typed word for word what he said."

Miller also confirmed that Bennet was indeed smitten with Baily.

"He talks constantly about her and how much he loves her 'yellow hair,' He will be having his fifth birthday in a few weeks and the theme is knights and princesses. He is over the moon knowing that Baily will be dressed as a princess."

As to whether Baily is receptive to Bennet's romantic overtures, his mother was diplomatic.

"Of course, Baily is a bit awkward at just four years old and really doesn't know what to think about Bennet. Honestly, I think he overwhelms her a bit," she said.

And the touching coda to this story: Bennet is also a cancer survivor and his mother is grateful for the attention that her son's note has generated.

"I have to say that the attention the letter has received has put a smile on my face, as Bennet was a very sick kid," said Miller. "He was diagnosed with cancer at six months old and actually goes up for one of his last cancer checks in Portland very soon. I'm always nervous about these checks and this has been a nice distraction."

Many thanks, Bennet. Your letter has been a nice distraction for all of us.


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