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Party pooches: Your photos of doggie birthday parties

A story in Friday's Globe & Mail about dog birthday parties and the people who celebrate them had many readers riled. But some admitted to going all out for their dog, and throwing such birthday parties in their honour - and were kind enough to send along photos of their pooches' big day. (Send yours to

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On May 3rd, 2012 our Westie, Henry, celebrated his first birthday.

From Lyndsay Beneteau and Ben Belanger in Ottawa:/From Lyndsay Beneteau and Ben Belanger in Ottawa:

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Miss Fire is all dressed up and ready to party in her cha-cha outfit to watch the KW SPCA doggie fashion show in 2010. She was asked to walk the runway and still talks about her glam moment two years later.

From Alexa, age 11, via mom, Onita:/From Alexa, age 11, via mom, Onita:

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Daisy Walsh is a six-month-old mini golden doodle. She was very excited to see Santa!

From Terry and Linda Walsh in Simcoe, Ont.:/From Terry and Linda Walsh in Simcoe, Ont.:

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Here is a photo we took during our dog Rio's first birthday party on November 28, 2011. Also in the picture is his bulldog friend, his twin, the present he later buried in the couch (the oversized bone) and his birthday cake.

From Geoffrey Grimsdick and Huang Jing in Fort McMurray, Alta.:/From Geoffrey Grimsdick and Huang Jing in Fort McMurray, Alta.:

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Boston, left, celebrated her 13th birthday with her new little sister, nine-month-old Hollie.

From Kathleen Wills:/From Kathleen Wills:

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Martini, my seven-year-old Maltese, as I prepared to sing Happy Birthday to her on Friday May 4, 2012. She is a purebred born in Texas.

From John Lowrie in St. Louis, Mo.:/From John Lowrie in St. Louis, Mo.:

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Bristol, a Bernese Mountain Dog, celebrating his six-month birthday. Hard to believe he started as an 8 lb. puppy, and is now a 100 lb. big boy.

From James Friesen:/From James Friesen:

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Winston's first birthday, Sept., 27, 2010.

From Tim and Steph in Kitchener, Ont.:/From Tim and Steph in Kitchener, Ont.:

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This is Angus and Chelsea, West Highland White Terriers, at their birthday party on April 24, a few years ago. My friend Linda and I met the day we picked up the puppies from the breeder. We have celebrated their birthdays together every year for the past 15 years.

From Susan Callaghan in Vancouver:/From Susan Callaghan in Vancouver:

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From Melissa Clare: This is a picture of a party we had for my dog Sophie's 12th birthday. She is the black and white Llasa Apso in the front left hand corner. At the party were our other dogs Emma, Hershey and Sarah. It was at our kitchen table at home in August of 2009. They were about to enjoy a homemade birthday cake.

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From David McNab, in Edmonton: This is GG McNab's 1st birthday: In 2009, we had a birthday party with 11 other dogs. GG is a 3kg Maltipoo, looking forward to birthday party #4 this October.

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From Jennifer Hills, Markham ON: This is Fluffy, on her third birhday, May 14 2009

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From Krista Michie (cont'd): We held them a birthday party that saturday afternoon. Invites were sent out online to friends and family, and their dogs were invited. We had party hats, and a boa for Sophie.

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From Krista Michie (cont'd): We baked them a cake and had a lot of treats given to them. Finger foods for the human guests were provided as well! Presents and cards were given to our puppies, and after presents cake was served!

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From Tiggy Simon: My dog, Marble and my sister's dog Midnight at their first birthday party last year. They are Daschund/Pomeranian mixes. We baked them a personalized cake and decorated the house.

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From Tiggy Simon: This is my mom's dog Cupid (Miniature Toy Poodle) on his first Birthday in March with his brothers, Marble and Midnight.

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