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Josie, a 28-year-old publishing company employee from Montreal, loves to get dressed up and go for fancy dinners. She would also like whomever she is seeing to have a monthly budget of $3,001 to $5,000 (U.S.) dedicated to her whims.

Justin, a 24-year-old living in Fort McMurray, Alta., is primarily interested in sex, has a net worth between $1-million and $2-million and is willing to shell out more than $20,000 a month for the woman in his life.

Both have put this information out there on a site called, an online dating service that caters to people - including more than 2,900 Canadians - who want to be a sugar daddy or to have one.

"If you look at history, whether courtesan or geisha, such relationships have existed for centuries," says the site's founder, Brandon Wade, 36. "This is just taking it online."

Mr. Wade insists that accommodating these partnerships does not make him a virtual pimp. "In prostitution, you exchange money for sex," he says. "In an arrangement, sex is not always involved or does not come into play until much later. This involves a component of romancing."

Mr. Wade, who is married to a woman 13 years his junior, defines the sugar-daddy arrangement as a "mutually beneficial relationship, usually between a wealthy person and somebody who's really attractive."

His site launched in July of last year and has about 100,000 registered members, with a wealthy-man-to-really-attractive-female ratio of 1:10 and Canada as its second largest market. Sugar daddies pay $35 a month, while "sugar babies" join free on the condition that they submit a completed profile and send in a photo.

Both men and women can pay additional fees to have their profile classified as "premium."

Elizabeth Brown, a 22-year-old Toronto student, posted her profile a year ago and has so far met two men through the service. "I've only ever written to people who write to me first," she says. "You get some people who are sketchy and seem to be looking for escorts, which is weird because it's not that hard to find one in Toronto."

She does not date men who are "much older" and agrees to a rendezvous only if she thinks she has something in common with her suitor. "Honestly, it's just like regular dating," she says. "I don't meet up with people I wouldn't be interested in otherwise."

Having recently ended a serious relationship, Ms. Brown says she is not looking for a commitment, which is why she chose SeekingArrangement. "You're more honest about what it is you're bringing to the table," she says. "It's a lot easier to negotiate terms."

And the terms negotiated by the site's 2,245 Canadian sugar babies and 716 Canadian sugar daddies can be amazingly specific.

Sugar daddy #126169, who claims to have a net worth between $2-million and $5-million, is looking for a smart woman with a nice body and pretty smile who "makes great salads."

One Canadian sugar baby, who lists her occupation as "independent contractor," writes that she is "exceptionally orally skilled."

Others are not so subtle. Sugar baby #147014, a 22-year-old from Toronto, describes herself as stunning. "Any man would be proud to have me on his arm or under the silks," she writes in her online profile. "I want my tution [sic]taken care of. In return I will show my gratitude in more ways than one!"

A 20-year-old aspiring "glamour model" from Montreal says she is very turned on by power. "Ultimately," she writes. "I want a Sugar Daddy or Mommy who will provide me with breast-augmentation surgery."

Some post pictures in which they pose with their children. A 19-year-old from Vancouver says she wants to live with her sugar daddy and another woman says she wants financial help buying her own home.

Toronto and Vancouver have the most users, although there are arrangement seekers everywhere from Drummondville, Que., to Dartmouth, N.S.

Mr. Wade says many of the relationships spawned on his site are long-distance, citing one sugar daddy who has reportedly "had significant success" flying girls to his Caribbean island.

Two people have cancelled their memberships because they are getting married to someone they met on the site, he says.

And Mr. Wade's 33-year-old sister has also used the service to meet two men, one of whom she is now dating. They meet once a week for lunch or dinner, and she is paid $4,000 a month.

So is he uncomfortable with that?

"I, um, kind of, uh, was surprised at first. But no, I'm not," he says. "She tells me she's never had sex with him."