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(DEBORAH BAIC/Deborah Baic / The Globe and Mail)
(DEBORAH BAIC/Deborah Baic / The Globe and Mail)

Two chocolate tart Add to ...

This very easy dessert is guaranteed to be a hit. It keeps for a week refrigerated, giving you lots of time to pick at it. There is no pastry base.

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  • Servings: 8


1 pound bittersweet chocolate

2 cups whipping cream

2 tablespoons framboise, optional

3 ounces milk or white chocolate

Raspberry sauce

2 cups fresh or frozen raspberries

1 tablespoon icing sugar

1 tablespoon lemon juice

1 tablespoon framboise


Line a loose-bottom 9-inch flan pan or cake tin with plastic wrap.

Chop bittersweet chocolate and place in a heavy pot over low heat. Stir occasionally until melted. While chocolate is melting, whip cream in a large bowl with electric beaters until cream is just beginning to hold its shape. When chocolate is melted, stir half of chocolate into cream along with framboise, if desired, and continue to whisk for another minute or two or until mixture holds stiff peaks. Fold in remaining melted chocolate and pour into flan pan.

Chill for 4 hours or overnight.

Melt milk or white chocolate in heavy pot over low heat, stirring frequently. Drizzle over top of tart. Chill again. Remove from base and strip off plastic wrap. Cut with a hot knife. (Dip knife into hot water between each cut.) Serve with raspberry sauce.

To make sauce:

Place raspberries in a bowl and sprinkle with sugar. Allow to sit for 30 minutes or until the berries are juicy. Place in the bowl of a food processor and purée. Pour mixture through a sieve to remove seeds.

Stir in lemon juice and liqueur. Freezes beautifully.

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