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Marge and Homer The Simpsons

Marge Simpson is a saint and we all know it: The many indignities that the loving wife and mother (voiced by Julie Kavner) has suffered over the prime-time animated series’ 26 seasons – and counting – would turn anyone’s hair bright blue. Consequently, there is no other TV character more deserving of relaxation this Valentine’s Day.

Our suggestion: Saje Natural Wellness’s collection of six essential oils (Marge would especially appreciate Rain Forest, which promises “meditative, nature-infused calm.”) Of course, any harriedness on Marge’s part would be lost on her lovable buffoon of a husband, Homer (voiced by Dan Castellaneta).

For him, beer is king, making the gift of a Brooklyn Brew Shop beer-making kit ideal. If we’re being honest, though, it’ll probably be Marge who ends up doing the brewing.

Best of Saje Deluxe diffuser-blend collection, $49.95 through Brooklyn Brew Shop beer-making kit (various varieties available), $55 through

Cam and Mitchell Modern Family

Awards-show staple Modern Family is celebrated for its witty and warm portrayals of realistic relationships. Our favourite among them is the slapsticky union between the uptight Mitchell Pritchett (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and the flamboyant Cam Tucker (Eric Stonestreet). These two prove that opposites really do attract, with Cam acting as a soothing foil to the tightly wound Mitchell. Their styles, of course, are as different as they are.

This V-Day, noted peacock Cam would surely revel in a pair of eye-catching socks from New York-based luxury label Robert Graham.

Mitchell, who fancies himself a handyman (often with hilarious results), would take pride in storing his arsenal of tools in a handsome metal trunk from CB2.

Robert Graham cotton baseball-print socks, $30 at Harry Rosen ( Versus mint galvanized sheet metal trunk, $199 at CB2 (

Adam and Hannah Girls

Girls, the HBO Millennials dramedy that returned to TV last month, has been showing some signs of much-welcome maturity in its fourth season. Exempt from this? Hannah (series creator Lena Dunham), whose relationship with Adam (rising hipster pinup Adam Driver) keeps backsliding into petty theatrics. And yet we keep hoping these two crazy kids will work it out. Would-be actor Adam, whose just-rolled-out-bed look is authentic enough to be drawing James Dean comparisons and finally, slowly getting him gigs, may soon be able to afford a pricey gift for the mostly undeserving Hannah.

We suggest this wild – and wildly coveted – bag from Coach’s collaboration with Californian artist Gary Baseman.

Hannah’s better half could clean up his scruffy act to land good-guy roles with a membership to Dollar Shave Club, which delivers fresh razor blades monthly for a modest fee.

Coach x Baseman Emmanuel Hare Ray Tatum Tall pebble-leather tote, $695 by preorder through Dollar Shave Club membership from $3.50 a month through

Frank and Claire House of Cards

Not since Macbeth has a fictional couple been so defined by dark deeds. Frank Underwood, the political overlord of the Netflix smash hit House of Cards, which returns for its third season Feb. 27 with 13 new episodes, is played with sinister glee by Kevin Spacey, who, based on last season’s final act, has only just begun his reign of terror.

His lusty, deadly style, combined with his taste for life’s finer things, would best be served by a pairing of chic form and function, such as a pair of glazed lambskin gloves by Hermès.

At the same time, Frank’s steely-eyed wife and partner-in-crime, Claire (Robin Wright), would no doubt enjoy her late-night jogs even more in a sleek Adidas by Stella McCartney hoodie, which comes in black and frost – just the shades for a Machiavellian ice queen.

Hermès glazed lambskin Jules gloves, $1,295 through Adidas by Stella McCartney Run Printed hoodie, $100 through

Piper and Alex Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black, coming back for a third season later this year, is a show filled with complicated relationships, but feuding sweethearts Piper Chapman and Alex Vause take the cake (being in jail is almost the least of their problems). Despite all they’ve been through, Piper (Taylor Schilling) is ceaselessly drawn to the magnetic Alex (Laura Prepon), pretty much guaranteeing we haven’t seen the last of these two together.

For Valentine’s Day, Alex, who somehow manages to rock a cat eye despite being in the slammer, would be thrilled to receive this liquid liner from It girl and liner enthusiast Alexa Chung’s collaboration with Eyeko.

As for Piper, who was once famously accused of “selling [someone] out for a blanket,” we suggest this charming wool-blend number from Toronto’s Cambie Designs. And, yes, you’ll notice Piper’s gift is more pricey. Because Alex still owes her. Big time.

Eyeko by Alexa Chung Lash Enhancing Eye Do Eyeliner, $23 through Cambie Design acrylic/wool blanket, $100 through

Olivia and Fitz Scandal

Writer and producer Shonda Rhimes has built a TV empire by acting as a small-screen champion of powerful female characters – and none are more powerful than Scandal’s Olivia Pope. Played with silky panache by Kerry Washington, professional problem solver Olivia loves her job almost as much as she loves her post-work glass of wine. Another (albeit forbidden) love is U.S. President Fitzgerald Grant III (Tony Goldwyn), whose sizzling affair with his former employee began in the show’s first season and shows no signs of slowing.

A known fashion plate, Olivia would cut a striking figure in this sharp blazer from the resort collection of Hollywood’s go-to Canadian jacket label Smythe.

Fitz, meanwhile, could work the room like, well, a boss in a Foulard print tie from Boss.

Smythe Anytime stretch-viscose blend blazer, $595 at Holt Renfrew ( Boss Foulard silk tie, $100 at Harry Rosen (