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Who broke our hearts this year? Top 6 celebrity breakups of 2012

In order from least sad to super-sad, this gallery looks back on some of the biggest celebrity breakups in 2012. With some couples calling it quits after seemingly beating the odds, it seemed like love (at least Hollywood love) really did die this year

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Ah, young love. How quickly it fizzles out! It seemed like only yesterday Selena was yelling at Justin on the red carpet. The two reportedly called it quits in the fall, but there are rumours that they’re mending their rocky relationships. Sorry, lovesick Bielebers.

Danny Moloshok/Reuters

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Three biological kids and countless love songs later, Heidi Klum and Seal were another celeb couple to fall victim to the seven-year itch. Fun fact: Seal proposed the to supermodel back in 2005 inside a quinzee (which is basically a crappy igloo). Who could have predicted their love would turn cold?

Mario Anzuoni/Reuters

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While these two oddballs never did get formally hitched, they did seem like they were meant for each other. I mean, anyone who can put up with Johnny Depp’s intensity coupled with his Pig-Pen-esque dirtiness is either equally eccentric or totally and unconditionally in love with him.

Mark J. Terrill/AP

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Did anyone see this coming? Beyond the people within Scientology who drafted up this contract…I mean marriage, that is. But seriously, this one was a shocker, especially since Katie Holmes fought for full custody of daughter Suri. The speedy divorce proceedings also added to the intrigue. Will we ever know what really happened? Not if Tom’s lawyers have anything to do with it.

Evan Agostini/AP

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There was nothing funny about the split of these two comedians. Amy Poehler and (Canadian boy!) Will Arnett split up in September leaving their fans wondering whether true comedy can be found in tragedy.

Della Rollins/The Globe and Mail

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When news broke that Rhea Perlman and Danny DeVito ended their seemingly rock-solid, 31-year marriage this fall, it seemed to stamp out hope that ANY Hollywood marriage can work. I guess happy endings really are the stuff of movies.

Susan Sterner/AP

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