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Will they or won’t they? 40 Days of Dating blog partners on books, movies and Day 41

Timothy Goodman and Jessica Walsh decided to date for 40 days to confront their own relationship issues.

Santiago Carrasquilla

40 Days of Dating, the project that has two friends mimicking a relationship with one another to explore their own romantic tendencies, has been suspended for two weeks, leaving fans stranded at Day 36. The daily posts ceased a couple of weeks ago and readers are now anxiously awaiting what will undoubtedly be a big ending on Day 40. The most important question, of course, is whether Tim and Jessica will still be an item on Day 41. With news that the pair has signed with Creative Artists Agency to handle future movie and television possibilities, we were curious as to just what the two are thinking about next.

Sticking with the 40 Days spirit, Tim and Jessica answered the same questions separately, sent to them by The Globe and Mail, about the project and what's behind the Day 40 curtain.

Why has the project been put on hold until after Labour Day?

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Jessica: We launched the website without finishing the artwork for the posts (retouching the photos, editing the videos). We thought we'd have enough time to do this as we went along, but we didn't expect the blog to go viral. With all the press inquiries, along with our fulltime jobs, we needed extra time to finish the videos and art for the last few days. It also helped give us time to figure out what we want to do next with it, since we've had numerous inquiries about movie/book /TV possibilities.

Why did you guys decide to sign with CAA?

Jessica: We were getting hundreds of e-mails in regards to movie and TV adaptations, as well as from publishers about making a book. CAA is one of the best agencies. We met with them out in Los Angeles and were impressed by how smart they were. They also seemed genuinely nice, and it's wonderful to work with good people.

Tim: We have so many inquiries coming in, so we're evaluating next steps, whether it's a movie, TV series, a book, etc. However, it's important that we retain the integrity of what we've created. We're not interested in giving this to a big studio, wiping our hands clean as they make whatever they want with this concept.

How do you feel about the decision to do this?

Jessica: I feel good about it.

Tim: Excited. Who wouldn't be excited?

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Are you hoping for anything in particular – a movie or TV series?

Jessica: While the website was an excellent outlet to get it out to the public, we are interested in other adaptations of the project. We are considering all possibilities in terms of TV/movie/book. Our main concern is that whatever is created keeps the authenticity and honesty of the original experiment.

Any ideas for merchandise, books, etc.?

Jessica: A book seems like a great way to adapt the blog, and we are definitely excited about this possibility.

Tim: Book, yes.

If anyone could play you in a movie, who would you choose?

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Jessica: I am much less concerned about who plays me and much more concerned about choosing a great writer and director.

Tim: A friend said Paul Bethany. Someone else jokingly said Christopher Lloyd. I'd pick Jamie Foxx.

Did you ever expect such a big response from the project?

Jessica: No. My biggest hope was that our family, friends and the design community would enjoy it.

Tim: No. We've received thousands of messages from people all over the globe, of all ages and gender and cultures, about how much they relate to us and our feelings. Many people have written to tell us that the project has inspired them to try to improve their own lives, to take charge of their relationships, or to try out dating the best friend they've always been interested in. It is absolutely amazing to touch people in that way.

What's been your favourite response from a fan so far?

Jessica: We get numerous heartfelt e-mails and messages from people of all ages, from all around the world. One fan even went out of his way to make a music video about the project! It's incredible that our story is resonating with such a wide audience.

You've said people have approached you on the street – what have they said to you?

Jessica: Mostly that they are fans of the website and really enjoy our story. One fan the other day told us how she recovered from chemotherapy recently, but that reading our story inspired her to go after what she wants in life. She's going back to school and pursuing the arts. It's incredible to hear things like this.

Tim: It usually goes like this:

"Are you that guy from that blog?"


"Yes you are!"


"I love your blog."

"Hey, thanks for following."

Can you give fans a little tease of what's going to be revealed on the big day?

Jessica: We're making a little video about our Disney World trip.

Tim: You will find out whether or not we're together! That's for sure.

These interviews have been edited and condensed.

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