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Edna Melculj and Peter Pereira demonstrate the back-to-back squat from their Fit2touch program.Jennifer Roberts for The Globe and Mail

What is it?

A series of conventional exercises - think push-ups, leg presses, dead lifts, biceps curls and triceps extensions - performed using your partner as resistance. There's straddling, spooning and, yes, spanking (optional), but it's only mildly hot and heavy.

How hard is it?

Truthfully, bedroom activity is playtime by comparison. In some cases, the difficult part is the co-ordination; in others, it's the resistance. Also, trainers Edna and Peter Pereira typically work you to the point of exhaustion, with few breaks between sets.

What does it work?

We felt soreness in our quads, hamstrings, butt, abs and arms - so basically everywhere. Will Fit2Touch improve your sex life? Let's just say it can't hurt.

What are classes like?

As a two-on-two session, Fit2Touch is friendly and personable (one trainer per couple is also an option). Expect awkward laughing and don't take the exercises too seriously. The only other requirement: enough floor space for two yoga mats.

Who's taking it?

Any couple who wants to strengthen their bond and their bodies. Ideally, the couple should have some fitness background, as some positions require core strength and flexibility.

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Sessions with both Edna and Peter range between $90 and $160. For more information or to purchase the Fit2Touch DVD, visit

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