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You said it: 'Parenting isn't the greatest thing in the world'

Katrina Onstad's column in today's Globe and Mail examines our grating kid-centric culture. "Please know that the smug, modern child-centric movement is alienating not just for those who don't have kids, but for many of us who do," she writes.

Here's what you had to say:

Nina J.

I don't have children yet and the debate is still on about whether or not this is a worthwhile venture for my husband and myself. You see, I could never be one of those obsessed moms who goes on play dates, or joins mommy groups, or thinks a day sitting home and playing with a 5 year old will bring me endless joy. Worse yet, being a stay at home mom - gag. I love my job. Some days I do think it would be great to have a child, as long as I can stand up to societal pressures and raise it the way I want to, and not up to the helicopter-parent standards of today. I didn't spend my life dreaming of being a mommy like some people did, I just knew one day it would probably be something I did.

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Sorry if the whole process doesn't seem magical and wondrous to me. I'm a realist. Parenting isn't the easiest or greatest thing in the world, I've heard it first hand from my friends with children. I wish people would stop freakin' glamourizing it.

Passer domesticus

Not a conscious decision, just the way life worked out, but we are "childfree" (I like that word) and it's pretty good. The world is terribly overpopulated and it really doesn't need everyone imitating rabbits. The only downside to not having kids, and hardly a big issue, is that for a couple of decades your social life can be cramped because all your friends are cooing at baby and talking for tedious hours about their first teeth. But you get past that, friends kids leave home and life is a lot of fun … plus, you can tell those irritating financial advisors to take a hike as you really don't care who gets the cash once you have gone. A worthwhile charity perhaps rather than an ungrateful and entitled offspring.

Childfree and cheerful.

Eat Your Weedies

You know what I get from reading these comments? People with pathetic attitudes about life can be "childfull" or "childfree". Becoming a parents doesn't make you wiser or happier or more fulfilled if you are as an underlying person selfish and closed-minded. And remaining "childfree" also won't make you happier or wiser or more fulfilled if you are as an underlying person selfish and closed-minded. It's that simple. Turds will be turds.



Yes, parenting is definitely overrated. I have a 20 year old son and he has brought me much joy in my life, but also a lot of worry and frustration. Probably 50/50.....and he hasn't been a bad kid or anything, it's just the way it goes.

Eat Your Weedies

bad attitude. parenting isn't something you do for yourself. it's something you do because you love someone else: your child. you missed the point. luckily for you, you still have time to figure it out. what a missed opportunity for you.


At least Nina is honest. Parenting requires a certain level of selflessness and some people just don't have it. There's nothing wrong with that, that's just the way some people are.

Weigh in: Is parenting the best thing ever? Should children be the ultimate goal?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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