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Our Photo Desk call-out for reader photos for the week of Feb. 11-17 is on the theme of love and relationships. Images uploaded to us through Flickr are contained in a separate gallery. This gallery showcases images sent through our custom upload tool. Our staff will pick a favourite reader-submitted photo to be featured in the Feb. 18 print edition of The Globe and Mail. (Preference will be given to photos taken during the week of the call-out.) To learn more, follow the link under the gallery.

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Andre Kleynhans photo: Anniversary Kiss - A passionate kiss after 25 years and still in love - Khayelitsha, Cape Town, South Africa

Andre Kleynhans

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Dickon Worsley photo: Dancing with love - Our first dance in the garden after our wedding.

Dickon Worsley

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Jamshid Tajdolat photo: Lovers in Paris - This photo was taken on August 26, 2010 In a cafe in Rue de Rivoli near Hôtel de Ville, Paris I was just walking by and saw them kissing, took one shot

Jamshid Tajdolat

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Hellen Mantha photo: The man I married - Where I met and married the most wonderful man in the whole world. I met him while we both were station at the Canadian Air Force Base in Metz France in the 1950s

Hellen Mantha

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Alexis MacDonald photo: Canadians Matt and Michelle spent Christmas in Dunedin, Florida. The weather wasn't balmy, but a day trip to Honeymoon Island made up for it.

Alexis MacDonald

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Julie Enfield photo: Milan-based, Canadian twin fashion designer, Dean Caten, gets an up-lifting, welcome-home hug from his best friend Gus. Shot on 25/12/10 in Collingwood, Ontario.

Julie Enfield

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Benjamin Bensimon photo: SoHo Kiss - I was a few feet away from this couple as they became more and more affectionate - they were clearly in their own world. You could see the kiss coming a mile away...

Benjamin Bensimon

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Michael Kurchina photo: Love and Relationships - My wife of 24 years and I at Silverfalls (Thunder bay) caught in the light of the setting sun by our daughter.

Michael Kurchina

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Laura Petronzi photo: A surpise kiss! December 9, 2010: Rome, Italy. Ben and I were experimenting with night photography in Rome. I set the timer and ran out to meet Ben. I stood beside him and at the last minute he kissed me!

Laura Petronzi

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Ada Grier photo: In Love - My brother Roy and his pretty warbride Edna. Photo taken, 1945 in London, England. Edna, in her 90th year, has graciously given permission to submit. Roy has passed away.

Ada Grier

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Lois Clayton photo: Mmm... Morning moment

Lois Clayton

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Patricia Barretto photo: Young Dancers in Love - Nancy Hitzig was present at the Opera Atelier photo shoot of real life dance couple Jack Rennie and Marie McDunnough. She captured this candid shot just before we nailed the final image.

Patricia Barretto

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Barbara Baker photo: Relationships - Feb. 2011 - young love and a snowy take-down in Bragg Creek Alberta.

Barbara Baker

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Thomas Conway photo: Together - taken in Ronda, Spain, 2006

Thomas Conway

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Karen Chan photo: Alex and Karen - November 2010 - Celebrating one year of love with my sweetie.

Karen Chan

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Ian McLeod photo: sisters - Emily and Kathleen enjoying a sunny chicago afternoon

Ian McLeod

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Leslie Hobson photo: Renewing our Vows - On our 25th wedding anniversary my husband suprised me with a vow renewal ceremony on the beach on the Big Island of Hawaii

Leslie Hobson

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Nicole Welbanks photo: Engagement Pic - Toronto Beaches - Nicole and Lee: one of our engagement pics taken back in July 2010, on the rocks overlooking the water in the beaches community of Toronto

Neel Parikh/Nicole Welbanks

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Sherry Culham photo: Courting in Canada - Norvelyn Nabong and Angelito Yabut in Regina, SK. The engaged couple are to married this May in the Philipinnes.

Sherry Culham

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Julie Enfield photo: The Game of Love - I captured this romantic couple playing cards at a Toronto cafe, one balmy summer evening in 2008.

Julie Enfield

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Ann Baggley photo: Love in the valley - Our 7 year old son took this photo of us, while visiting Monument Valley in Arizona, this past summer.

Ann Baggley

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Karen Chan photo: Alex and Karen - One Heart

Karen Chan

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Christos Kyrtsakas photo: In front of Buckingham palace - Spending some quality time with my wife of 22 years

Christos Kyrtsakas

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Barbara Baker photo: Relationships - Oct 2010 - On a road trip with my parents, we stopped at the falls in Waterton National Park.

Barbara Baker

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Sharda Bhawanidin photo: My 83-year-old-grandmother has Alzheimer's. I watched her during a visit playing with her hands in her lap. I remembered when I was younger how strong those hands used to be.

Sharda Bhawanidin

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Barbara Baker photo: Relationships - Feb 2011 - My son and his girlfriend try to sneak in a kiss at Bragg Creek. Then the snow falls off a tree and my camera is handy and oh well ...

Barbara Baker

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Mary-Anne Ferry photo: First kiss - While playing on the fence, my son snuck an innocent kiss with his friend Madeline. This photo was taken while vacationing last summer at the JW Marriott in Muskoka.

Mary-Anne Ferry

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Sofia Silberberg photo: Ida and Norbert - My great-grandparents. This is their engagement picture, taken in Vienna in 1914

Sofia Silberberg

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Barbara Baker photo: Feb 2011 - Clifton and Kirsten enjoy the woods while snowshoeing in Bragg Creek Provincial Park.

Barbara Baker

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Sofia Silberberg photo: Tini and Arnold - My great-great grandparents. This picture was taken in Vienna, circa 1912

Sofia Silberberg

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Sarah Patrick photo: Happy Together - Me and my sweetheart, Steve --- happily hiking the Bruce Trail. Seven wonderful years and counting.

Sarah Patrick

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Roy Craigen photo: Love These Times Together - Nothing says love better than doing things you both enjoy. Following our beloved Riders across Canada is just a blast we both enjoy.

Roy Craigen

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Ann Jones photo: Jump for Joy - In Africa on the top of the Sacred Mountain in Kenya..............reaching high for love.

Ann Jones

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Elizabeth Bancroft photo: Le Bisou - Our 'Nany and Pap', Raymond and Henriette Mouëllic, on the banks of the Thames, during a family holiday in August 2004. On January 26, 2011 they celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary.

Elizabeth Bancroft

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David Blomme photo: A couples shot - I moved from Toronto to Halifax to find some peace and hapiness, and found both on the perfect fall day this was taken last year with Tania.

David Blomme

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Gillian Tom photo: Treetop Kiss - Making ever kiss feel like the first, we share and cherish moments like this while we were on a treetop walk 50 m above the ground, in the Valley of the Giants in Western Australia.

Gillian Tom

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Shawna Silver photo: Brotherly love - My second son Nate meets his baby brother Jameson for the first time. It was love at first sight! (taken July 3, 2009)

Shawna Silver

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Ari Rocklin photo: Just engaged! Just engaged and visiting my parents in Lakewood Beach near Amherstburg Ontario.

Ari Rocklin

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Kal Commodore photo: Valentines Day - Kal Commodore and Cindy Pichette, Feb 2, 2011 Camped high on a ridge, Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania Africa. Love in our 50's, spanning 2 decades being together 24/7

Kal Commodore

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Charlie Gregory aka selrahcyrogerg on Flickr photo: Lovers Montreal - two lovers share a moment as they pass along a busy Rue in downtown Montreal, circa 1997 or so.

Charlie Gregory

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Shawna Silver photo: In good hands - Nate (L) and Harry (R) admire their new baby brother Jameson. The look of love is written all over their faces! picture taken July 2009

Shawna Silver

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Jim Shaw photo: Love and relationships - Together They Walk in The Morning Rain.

Jim Shaw

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Tim Thibeault photo: Love Doesn't Need Training Wheels ... Ottawa, May 4, 2010. My daring friend Jeremy savours a hug from Mom to celebrate his first bicycle ride without training wheels.

Tim Thibeault

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Barbara Baker photo: Dec 2010 - Shy ravens contemplating a relationship at Two Jack Lake in Banff National Park.

Barbara Baker

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Tod Strickland photo: Tod and Zoe - Taken at the 2010 Army Ball

Tod Strickland

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Chris Hills photo: With chocolates too! 35th wedding anniversary: Silver Peak, Killarney PP, November 2006.

Chris Hills

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Arthur Herold photo: Love at 60 - My wife and I last summer following a gorgeous climb up Sunset Ridge to the summit of Mt. Mansfield, Vt

Arthur Herold

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Carol Carson photo: Swan Hearts - : The swan on the right spun around and around, as the other watched. Then they met, necks forming a perfect heart, before swimming off, side-by-side.

Carol Carson

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Jim Shaw photo: Love and relationships - A Couple of Cups Kissing In The parking Lot The Morning after, She wears The Tops and He Wears the Bottoms . I wonder Who Left Them There.

Jim Shaw

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Emily Briffett photo: Our wedding: Mayan Riviera, Mexico - November 25, 2010

Picasa/Emily Briffett

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Julia Phelps photo: 10th anniversary Barcelona - Julia and Glen Phelps 10th Anneversary in Barcelona

Julia Phelps

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Lola Reid Allin photo: Heart-shaped volunteers with big hearts - This happily married couple accidentally created this heart shaped pose while unpacking medical supplies for our two-week volunteer mission with Mully Childrens' Family Clinic, Kenya.

Lola Reid Allin

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Jenny Patricia Katsaris photo: First Dance - This was our first dance at a wedding on November 7, 2004. I was the maid of honour and I asked him to dance. Our first kiss happened at the end of the song. My spouse and I still happy together.

Jenny Patricia Katsaris

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Charlie Gregory aka Selrahcyrogerg photo: Joe and Elizabeth - taken in 2009 on the streets of Peterborough, unashamed of their love for each other.

Charlie Gregory aka Selrahcyrogerg

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