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It's been said that you never forget your first kiss. It's a magical moment, so they say, that stays with you for a lifetime. Do you agree? Do you remember?

Was it right out of a Hollywood movie or a complete disaster?

Share your stories with other Globe readers in the comment field.

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What's your first kiss story?

From reader 'S-curve'

My first kiss was at 22. I know, I really held out, but it was in the backseat of a cab with my first boyfriend and I regret not telling him beforehand that it was my first kiss,but I was too embarrassed at the time

From reader 'Maledictorian

Got my first kiss in Grade 1 from a cute little girl name Amy. I got a question right in front of the class and got a big smooch from her on the cheek.

From reader 'Virtual Assistant'

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I was a cute little girl of 5. We were at a birthday party and my friend was turning 6 years old. We were all playing in her upstairs play room. The cutest boy I had seen in all my 5 years was sitting on the couch. I couldn't resist, I threw myself at him and kissed him! The birthday girl was less than impressed. I was ousted from the rest of the birthday celebrations that afternoon, but it was well worth it for my first kiss.

From reader 'Methiama'

I definitely remember my first kiss...13 years old...huge crush on Sonny the boy from a few roads over...on the back step of my house...Mom was at work...early evening and had just finished supper...was supposed to being doing the supper dishes with my younger brother...he kept saying he was going to tell and then slammed the back door shut. The pleasure of the kiss evaporated and was replaced with hand was on the door jamb and my baby finger had been crushed when the door was slammed shut!

From reader 'Merrillicious'

I wonder if that boy in kindergarten who chased me around the playground and then kissed me counts as my first, or if it would be my best friend in junior high who kissed me to try to prove he wasn't gay (he is). Neither of them was earthshaking, considering that neither were solicited :D

My first kiss with a boyfriend wasn't even anything worth talking about. My first kiss with my HUSBAND (at the time, not even boyfriend yet), though...hooo-leeey. It was like an electric shock through my entire body.

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