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Your worst dating horror stories Add to ...

The boy with bad B.O. wanted a kiss goodnight? Drunk texted the wrong Rachel on your iPhone? Got into the merlot a little too early in the evening? Here's a selection of the best worst stories. Join our Facebook group to see more or add your own - can you top some of these gems?

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Kelsey M.: I was interested in a guy in one of my law school classes so after months of sharing notes and glances, he asked me out on a date. I wanted to look nice so I wore a new dress. We went to a pub and he ordered a pitcher for us. From the beginning of the date I thought that he seemed a little drunk... but I thought that couldn't be right. Turns out he WAS drunk because he proceeded to spill the entire pitcher all over my new dress. Everyone in the pub saw what happened. He then tried to put his hand up my dress with a napkin in the other hand and help dry me off. That's when I just picked up my purse and left. I didn't want to deal with his wandering hands or drunkenness.

While we could laugh about it later, nothing romantic ever came out of that worse date.

Vanessa M.: I've been on the same bad date with three separate men: man takes me to horrifyingly scary movie that he thinks is not that scary, since he doesn't realize that the only time I ever watch scary movies is on terrible first dates. I then am actually terrified, which is inevitably followed by an awkward week full of apologetic phone calls.

Anne P.: I went out on a date back in first year University with a random guy who hit on me at a bar. He turned out to be hilarious and I later found out it was because was a professional clown!! At the end of the date he drove me home in his tiny clown car.

Andrew G.: I was on date number 2 with a girl. We went to see a sketch comedy show. Referring to how low girls where their pants, a character said "sure they wears their pants so low you can see their lady moss." My date asked me what a lady moss was. I couldn't bring myself to answer.

Axey M.: My bad romance involved a birthday date with a boyfriend who decided a nice restaurant was a great place to spend the ENTIRE NIGHT talking on his cell phone. I put up with him through two drinks while the guy behind him turned around and made a 'BANG' gesture at him before blowing me a kiss. To repay my date for the lousy evening, I excused myself and secretly sent Mr. 'BANG' a drink and my phone number. He met me outside and we ventured off for a far better night. Sadly, I can't say we made it marriage, but at least Mr. 'BANG' had the decency to keep his phone off when we were together.

Christine E.: I met this guy a few weeks ago who seemed really keen to take me out. I was flattered by the fact that he wasn't going to play games or keep me hanging on line, he cut right to the chase and wanted to take me out that very night we met. So I asked where he had in mind.

His response?

"Well why don't we go for a coffee AT MCDONALDS.....and then, we can HEAD BACK TO MY PLACE for a drink."

First of all, the coffee at McDonalds is free. Secondly, girls long ago cracked the code that "come back to my place for a drink" means "we're going to have sex."

And his "place" wasn't even his. Turned out he was a 19 year old kid living in the dorms at Seneca College.


Natalia B.: 4 years ago, I was seeing a guy that was 5 years older than me. So, I was assuming he's wise and very mature. I was fooled. He dumped me on Valentine's Day morning through an e-mail.

Last summer, I was trying to see this dude. We got together one night....and he was unable to uh, seal the deal. I told him it's okay and that it happens to a lot of people sometimes. I really liked him, so I wasn't planning on leaving him high and dry after one night of emberassment. He stopped calling me after that and told all our mutual friends he "hit it and quit it' (actual quote).

A few years ago, I went on a date with this one guy in the winter. We went to see a movie and chill at a park and play in the snow. It started to get dark. Neither of us drove so he called him friend ot pick us up. But apparently, he called his friend to only pick himself up. He made me take the bus. As I was watching him and his friend rudely drive away, it started to snow heavily. The bus took 40 minutes to arrive. :(


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