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Rare is the television host whose personal passions line up so perfectly with her public persona. But such is the case for Sarain Fox, an Anishinaabekwe activist whose gigs are a perfect conduit for the Indigenous narrative in the social media era. “As an Indigenous person, I am grateful to have a platform and a voice,” she says. “I use it to share and uplift the voices of my people and contribute to the revitalization of Indigenous knowledge.”

As one of the hosts of the APTN docuseries Future History, Fox explores the cultural resilience of Indigenous people. Through her work with Manitobah Mukluks, Canada Goose and Sephora, she has amplified Indigenous voices. And on Viceland’s Rise, she visited various sites of Indigenous resistance, from Standing Rock to Mauna Kea.

Most recently, she partnered with the TreadRight Foundation, a not-for-profit organization (and a joint initiative between the Travel Corporation’s family of brands), which aims to encourage the growth and safety of the communities its travellers visit, on the launch of a new arts program in Sydney to offer authentic Aboriginal experiences that benefit the community. The project also amplifies work she does with Manitobah Mukluk’s Storyboot School in Toronto, an Indigenous-led initiative that provides opportunities for Indigenous youth and visitors to learn the art of mukluk-making straight from the source.

“When I was asked to bring my voice and experience from the Storyboot School in Toronto to help foster the new program in Australia, I immediately said yes,” she says. “While more than 14,000 kilometres of water separate our lands, Indigenous communities in Canada and Australia share a similar colonial narrative. I was excited to have a true cultural exchange when I stepped foot in the land down under.”

In celebration of International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples on Aug. 9, who better than Fox to curate a list of beautiful, Indigenous made products? “Of course, every day is World Indigenous Peoples day for me,” she says. “I’ll start my day with a sunrise ceremony and celebrate my people by being on the land.”

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SheNative limited edition purses

“This collection of limited-edition red purses was made to honour and raise awareness of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls in Canada, a topic near and dear to me. Fifteen per cent of the profits will be donated to charity that either provides support services for Indigenous women fleeing domestic violence or programming intended to empower Indigenous women and girls.”

Tori-Lynn Wanotch Freedom fringe purse, $175 and braided Passion purse, $70 through

Angela DeMontigny ‘Morning Star’ ring

“I am obsessed with stars and this ring takes its inspiration from my name, the Wabunanogokwe (Morning Star woman). I even did a Tedx talk about it!”

Silver and diamond ‘Morning Star’ ring, $850 through

Manitobah Mukluks Storyboots

“Manitobah Mukluks’ Storyboot Project gives Indigenous artisans a platform to showcase their handmade items with 100 per cent of the proceeds of each sale going back to the artisan. These hand-sewn mukluks were made by Phyllis Queskekapow of Swampy Cree in Manitoba. She learnt her craft from her mother, who learned it from her mother. She continues to pass her knowledge on to her own daughters and granddaughters.”

Floral Mukluks by Phyllis Queskekapow, $1,000 at Manitobah Mukluks through

Her Braids Water Drop pendant

“Her Braids is committed to helping to make clean drinking water in First Nations communities a reality. This pendant not only represents the fact that we all have to stand up and protect our water, but it also symbolizes the fact that Indigenous women are responsible for carrying life and water (they believe that water is sacred) to carry their truths.”

Her Braids Waterdrop necklace, $39.95 through

B.YELLOWTAIL Ribbon skirt

“B.Yellowtail is a Native American owned fashion and accessories brand that specializes in storytelling through wearable art. I absolutely love this skirt and how it reminds us of the deep love and laughter of our sisters.”

B.Yellowtail ‘Irene’ skirt, US$175 through

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