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Baby bangs, where short bangs are cut about midway across the forehead or higher, are one of those classic styles that keep going in and out of mainstream favour. Most recently, they reappeared on Beyoncé in the July, 2022, issue of British Vogue. “Everything’s getting smaller and tinier. We’re seeing a lot of micro hemlines – it just makes sense that hair is following suit,” says Ronnie Dag, co-owner of Palm Sunday salon in Toronto.

Dag recommends that anyone considering baby bangs give it some serious thought as they are a high-maintenance commitment that take a long time to grow out. “You need to consider your hair growth patterns and any cowlicks. Those will be super exacerbated by being so short and they’ll pop out even more.”

My recommendation: I wore baby bangs for a couple of years circa 2001 when I was trying to look like Audrey Tautou in Amélie. My best piece of advice would be to think twice before trimming them yourself as it’s unlikely to lead to a flattering outcome (thankfully, selfies were far less common in those days). Hairspray can go a long way to keeping your bangs in place whatever their length. I love Oribe’s travel-sized tins for keeping hair in check on the go.

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