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Symptoms of damaged hair can show up as dry, brittle strands prone to breakage and split ends. This damage can come from a number of sources, including heat from regular styling and blow drying, chemicals in substances such as bleach or chlorine and mechanical damage from brushing and combing hair.

“A lot of people are vicious with their hair,” says Tim Binnington, the hairstylist who created the Manta Healthy Hair Brush for his wife to use following her medical treatments for cancer. “I’m trying to educate people in how to brush their hair sensibly, carefully and thoughtfully.”

Spanish for “blanket,” Manta is made of two soft rubber compounds fused together so that there are no joints where hair can snag. Each bristle has flexible 360-degree motion while hugging the contours of the head. In addition to being gentle on strands of hair, Manta is ideal for massaging the scalp which Binnington says is a key starting point for healthy hair growth. “It’s important to brush the oils through your hair.” I keep my Manta in the shower to use it while shampooing for an added scalp massage. For the rest of the year, 15 per cent of Manta sales will be donated to Rethink Breast Cancer.


Manta Healthy Hair Brush, $42 through,, and

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