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Mushrooms have been a buzzy beauty ingredient for some time, bringing their anti-inflammatory properties to skin care. Now, these trending toadstools are being lauded for their looks with mushroom hair, a cool, multitonal blondish-brown colour, taking over as the hair hue du jour. Michelle Pargee, a Sechelt, B.C.-based hairstylist and finalist at the 2019 Contessa Awards, describes the look as an evolution of the recent grey hair trend. “It’s a warmer version of grey hair,” she says.

For those who already do have grey hair, Pargee says going mushroom can be a very forgiving option. “Because the roots have a shadowy tone to them, you wouldn’t need as much maintenance,” she says, explaining her process, where painted-on highlights are soft at the root to allow for a more natural growing-out phase instead of a harsh demarcation between natural hair and dyed locks. Instead of covering over grey hair completely, Pargee likes to layer in these mushroom-like tones.

And while foraging for fungi may be a fun weekend pastime, Pargee cautions against attempting to DIY the mushroom hair trend at home. To nail the look, she lightens hair colour by two shades before adding in the mushroom tone, something that can easily go sideways without the proper expertise.

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