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Duer’s new location in Kitsilano is its second location in Vancouver.Handout

Although cycling is typically associated with skin-tight Lycra, it was biking to work that inspired denim industry veteran and Duer co-founder Gary Lenett to rethink how his jeans could be adapted to his two-wheel commute.

“I realized there was nothing on the market that I could wear riding into the office and then into a meeting,” he says, explaining that he wanted to create pants that were multifunctional rather than reserved to just one activity.

“This notion of one pair of pants for everything you want to do in a day ties into our bigger mission to encourage the world at large to own fewer, well-made things.”

In 2016, Duer launched with its first product, Performance Denim for men, which continues to be the brand’s top seller. It has since expanded to include jackets, tops and work-leisure wear for men and women made using six proprietary fabrics that combine traditional denim with technical components.

With existing stores in Toronto, Calgary, Denver and Los Angeles, where customers can try out products on stationary bikes and a performance playground, Duer’s new location is in Kitsilano.

Duer’s products are made of 95-per-cent natural materials, including eucalyptus and wood chips, along with recycled plastic. The goal is to eliminate all plastics from its garments.

“Our hope is that we’ll collectively reduce the amount of clothing that ends up in the landfill and spend less time worrying about our closets and more time getting on with the meaningful things in life,” Lennet says.

Duer, 1757 West 4th Ave., Vancouver, 604-336-1341,


No Sweat Everyday pant in Laurel, $145.


Performance Denim Girlfriend jean in Modern Bleach, $145.


Performance Denim Slim in Rinse, $139.

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