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Hit “play” on your gift list via accessories, games and knickknacks with a childlike sense of amusement


Painter Shara Hughes’s deluxe contribution to the new cache of Dior Lady limited edition handbags boasts a lively palette, as do covetable pieces that are composed of repurposed, vintage materials. An Areaware mirror is so captivating it begs to be gazed upon itself.

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Clockwise from left: Bag, price on request Dior ( Juliana brooch, $350 through Carole Tanenbaum Vintage Collection ( Three Sisters by Emma choker, $170 through LikeMindedObjects for Areaware mirror, $90 at 313 Design Market ( Binks/The Globe and Mail


King City, Ont., based Bouq’s handmade flowers inject warm weather vibrancy into any space, while Calgary’s Meghan MacWhirter creates clever ceramics shaped like pumpkins and croissants for fun-loving foodies who want to cheekily entertain. A miniature Hermès bag looks ready to go perched atop a set of skateboard wheels.

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Clockwise from left: Warren Steven Scott earrings, $85 through Bag, price on request at Hermès ( Bouq Paper Flowers peony, $175 through Middle Kingdom vase, $56 at Rose Ceremony Shop ( Meghan MacWhirter dish, $60 through Binks/The Globe and Mail


Traditional gifts don’t need to be predictable. Consider a bold watch fashioned in honour of Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier; a toaster with a sartorially inspired pleated texture; a handbag (or is it a paint can?) that makes you do a double-take; a teddy bear that embraces logomania; or a piggy bank that mimics the shape of a shoe box.

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Clockwise from left: Fendi bear, $1,300 at Holt Renfrew ( Bag, $3,600 at Louis Vuitton ( Alessi toaster, $135 at Indigo ( Rado watch, $2,700 through Curves by Sean Brown piggy bank, $100 through Binks/The Globe and Mail


Is there someone on your list who has it all? Look to pieces that are all-the-way unexpected such as mules with nail polish bottle heels or an otherworldly lamp by Brooklyn-based Sara Devic. The perfect find should shout “surprise” without saying a word.

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Clockwise from left: Collina Strada water bottle, $120 at Holt Renfrew ( Studio Roof flowers, $45/set of five, Block vase, $65, at 313 Design Market ( Coupe glass, $36 at Cocktail Emporium ( Susan Alexandra earrings, US$155 through Nusprodukt lamp, US$450 through Loewe sandals, $1,550 at Holt Renfrew.Mark Binks/The Globe and Mail


Whether it’s a cartoon-like handbag, a unique soft sculpture or a ceramic piece with a distinct identity, many of this season’s best presents are packed with personality.

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Clockwise from left: Bag, $790 at Coach ( Grace Eun Mi Lee salt pig and spoon, $115 at Craft Ontario ( Paul Smith cufflinks, $195 at Harry Rosen ( Maudie Ohiktook packing walrus, $600 at Craft Ontario.Mark Binks/The Globe and Mail


Fool the eye with Chanel’s portable mirror, which mimics the look of a tennis racket, or Cereria Introna’s amusing tart-shaped candle. Picton-based Jonathan Kaiser’s adorable handmade birds add life to any corner, while Gohar World’s mother of pearl spoons put an artsy spin on caviar service.

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Clockwise from left: Wool birds, $269 each through Mirror mini-bag, price on request at Chanel ( Cereria Introna candle, $22 at Baa Baazaar ( Spoon set, US$38 through Binks/The Globe and Mail

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