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Lately, many hard truths about global waste have come to light, such as the fact that, according to the Recycling Council of Ontario, just nine per cent of plastics are recycled in Canada, a figure that includes what’s sorted into blue bins.

For the average consumer, one way to lessen the amount of plastic going to the landfill is to focus on reducing and reusing. In terms of beauty products, that means seeking out options with minimal, biodegradable or refillable packaging, something beauty brands are taking steps toward offering.

“The reality is that beauty packaging can definitely be used longer,” says Tata Harper, a pioneer in the luxury green beauty business. “The pump, caps and jars can always be reused multiple times – it’s not like the components will disintegrate after a month or two of using them.”

Another avenue to explore are in-store recycling programs, where retailers will collect empty personal care packaging to recycle. Nordstrom Beautycycle is a waste collection program where the department store accepts packaging from any beauty brand to be recycled, with collection bins at all of its Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack locations in Canada.

My recommendation: Tata Harper is eliminating all single-use products in her namesake line, with its second refillable option, the Restorative Eye Crème, out this month. According to Harper, this rejuvenating cream does double-duty on the lips as an overnight treatment.


Tata Harper Restorative Eye Crème Starter Kit, $187, and Refill, $147 through

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