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Anyone who’s experienced a breakout during their period knows that hormones have an impact on skin. Understanding how your cycle influences skin throughout the entire month can help optimize your product routine. That’s the approach taken by Phase Skin. Founded in Toronto by Stephanie Sharabura and Kristin Kurian, Phase offers skin care tailored to the three phases on the menstrual cycle with additional options for perimenopause, menopause and postmenopause.

During the menstrual phase, when estrogen is low, Kurian says that emphasis should be on nourishing skin, which is likely dehydrated. “We’ll start to see symptoms like dark circles under our eyes or fine lines are more pronounced.” During the follicular phase, which the founders refer to as the glow phase, high levels of estrogen lead to plump, radiant skin. “This is a good time to exfoliate,” Kurian says. Finally, high levels of testosterone during the luteal phase leads to increased sebum production, and corresponding acne, which can be tended to with anti-inflammatory ingredients.

With Phase, Sharabura and Kurian hope to raise understanding of how fluctuating hormones can affect one’s life. “We really need to give ourselves a break and not be so hard on ourselves for things that we have no control over,” Sharabura says.


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