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Fragrance is a top tier gift that comes with an equally high-level risk. Before logging on to the virtual fragrance counter, take a moment to pause and consider your relationship with the person you are shopping for. Are you truly on intimate terms? One easy way to make sure the gift you’re selecting is appropriate is to ask yourself if the recipient is, as Autumne West, national beauty director at Nordstrom puts it, a loved one. “I love giving fragrances and candles because it feels really personal,” West says. “A great place to start is to think about your loved one’s preferences, like a favourite flower or place they’ve travelled to that would inspire a scent.”

With this information, or even the extremely valuable knowledge of which fragrance they currently wear, look for items that carry through these notes and scents like a special holiday set, a lotion or a candle, the latter being an incredibly popular option for a stay-at-home winter. West also recommends looking for anything that’s limited-edition or customizable, which “always feels uniquely special.” Or, you could simply select a hot new release, such as Tom Ford’s Bitter Peach, an a current favourite of mine, to keep your loved one’s sniff up to snuff.


Tom Ford Private Blend Bitter Peach Eau de Pafum, $425 at Nordstrom.

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