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If it seems like eyebrows are given a lot of attention, it’s for good reason. Those little hairs don’t just define faces – they define eras. The 1990s, for example, just wouldn’t look the same without Drew Barrymore’s skinny arches, while a decade earlier, Brooke Shields’s full follicles helped make the model the face of a generation.

The prevailing beauty ethos of 2018 is all about self-expression, a mantra that extends to the already expressive brow line. The arrival of new products from brands such as Kat Von D Beauty is empowering wearers to experiment with unconventional colours, such as red, yellow and eggplant.

Von D and her vegan beauty line boast a hugely loyal Instagram following, and she noticed her fans were posting photos using her colourful lip glosses to add rainbow hues to their brows. “I was questioning what the wearability was, because that formula is designed for your lips and not really to adhere to hair follicles,” she says.

To that end, Von D created about 30 new brow products in pomade, pencil and powder formulas, as well as application brushes. They’re available in neutral shades that are easy to apply, but there are also eight rainbow-inspired pops of colour. Von D recommends mixing multiple shades of the product on a palette before applying to create your own custom brow hue, and she also recommends having fun. “We as a society used to be really scared of hair colour,” she says. “It’s a beautiful time to be alive because what used to be scary or judged or criticized is now really openly embraced. I think that coloured brows is not a trend and it’s not going to go away anytime soon.”

What to try

Kat Von D refers to this innovative pomade formula as “bulletproof” for its long-lasting staying power.

Kat Von D Beauty 24-hour super brow long-wear pomade, $23 at Sephora and through

Available in blue, magenta, turquoise and copper, take these high-impact wands to your brows and lashes for electrifying results.

Tom Ford extrême lash and brow tint, $64 at Holt Renfrew.

For those with over-plucking regrets, this serum enhances brow hair growth for a second chance at Instagram-worthy brows.

The Browgal by Tonya Crooks second chance eyebrow enhancement serum, $129 through

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