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With any troubles in the eye area, it is important to consult an optometrist or ophthalmologist for professional medical advice. Dr. Frank Heidemann, president, CEO and founder of CandorVision, explains that eye irritation can be caused by glaucoma eye drops as well as other factors such as hostile environmental conditions, hormonal changes, allergies or excess screen time. I regularly experience eye burnout after a long day at my computer and, with winter in full swing, the wind and cold temperatures often leave my peepers feeling itchy and watery.

Since the skin on the eyelids and the surrounding area is thin and sensitive, it can be more prone to irritation and inflammation than other areas of the face. For anyone experiencing irritation around the eyes, Heidemann says that having a gentle, daily eyelid hygiene routine can go a long way toward helping to restore and maintain healthy eyelids. Avoid using a cleanser on the eye area that contains soap, preservatives and fragrances, which Heidemann says may cause or worsen discomfort. Candor’s Naclino Lid Wipes, for example, are made of a gentle mesh and contain saline to cleanse the area without disrupting it.

Naclino Lid Wipes, from $10 over the counter at drugstores (

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