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It’s not just those with aging eyesight who can benefit from a magnifying mirror. The right mirror can assist with makeup application, grooming and skin care for glasses wearers and those with 20/20 vision alike.

There are a variety of factors to consider when choosing a magnifying mirror, starting with what you’ll be using it for. Mandy Weber, communications manager at Edmonton-based beauty tool company Fancii, recommends a 7X magnification factor for makeup application and 10X for skin care and grooming. “With the 10, you’ll properly be able to examine your skin, spot blemishes, blackheads and see your pores up close and personal,” she says, adding that this level is also best for tending to peach fuzz, stray facial hairs and precision eyebrow grooming.

An equally important consideration is lighting. Fancii was born out of the need to step out of the bad beauty lighting caused by fluorescent lights and yellow-toned bulbs. Its vanity, compact and magnifying mirrors all feature LED light, which Weber says is the closest to the clear natural light of day. “We shouldn’t have to camp out by a window to do our makeup,” Weber says.


Fancii Zora, $89 through

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