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India Hicks spun her aristocratic background and eye for fashion into multiple books and a lifestyle brand.

India Hicks is many things. A former fashion model who also happens to be 678th in line to the British throne, she made her public debut as a bridesmaid at Princess Diana’s wedding to Prince Charles.

Today, however, she’s best known as an entrepreneur who spun her aristocratic background, globetrotting and unfailingly good eye for fashion and design into multiple books and a lifestyle brand. Hicks’ eponymous line of gifts, beauty products and accessories is sold online and through female entrepreneurs looking to launch flexible, at-home careers. Hicks is particularly passionate about women in second career-mode, something she travels worldwide to speak about.

“I live in the Bahamas, I have children and family in England and a business in America, so it’s crazy. I have the fine art of packing and travel down,” she says. “I’ll map out all my days in advance so that I’ll know basically what I’m wearing and it will be a fairly consistent colour palate. If I can avoid ironing, I will.” Here, Hicks shares the things that always travel with her.

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Photograph By Joseph Saraceno

Carry-on bag

“It’s got a padded zipped pocket for the computer, it’s lightweight and it’s got adjustable straps. We really thought through having it all without being heavy and having pockets for everything. That is just essential for me.”

India Hicks ‘Duchess of Windsor’ Carry-On, US$420 through

Perfecting Polish and Mask

“I don’t have time to be doing a whole system in beauty. I’ve got time for five products and this one is absolutely brilliant when I’m travelling. I just love anything that is a two-in-one product.”

India Hicks Perfecting Polish and Mask, US$58 through

Universal travel charger

“I have to have it in pink because otherwise my kids steal it.”

MoKo Universal Travel Charger, $9.99 through

Rae Feather notebook

“I love women entrepreneurs who are having their second chapter and Rae’s kids have all grown up and she’s got this great business. Every time I use it, I think of women entrepreneurs who try to do something different for themselves.”

Rae Feather monogrammed notebook, £85 through

All Sorts licorice

“I have one great addiction, which is sugar in terrifying amounts, so I begin the day with chocolate or licorice.”

Bassetts All Sorts Licorice, $3.99 through

Eye mask

"I’ll be sitting in the bath and I’ll be catching up on email and I’ll have the little eye masks on under there. Who knows if they’re working? It might be the Emperor’s New Clothes, but I’ve fallen for it.

Intraceutricals Rejuvenate Eye Mask, US$49 through

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