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While we typically think of cheek blush as being pink or red, purple blush has been in the social-media spotlight lately. Taylor Frankel, co-founder of the Canadian cosmetics company Nudestix, explains that its effect on your skin tone can be best understood through the art-class colour wheel. “You’ll notice that on a colour wheel, purple is opposite to yellow. This means that when the two colours meet in perfect harmony, the hues cancel each other out,” she says. If someone with a yellower undertone to their skin uses purple blush, it will help neutralize and even brighten the complexion. “Often, people with warm, golden and yellow undertones tend to gravitate toward purple hues and blush colours to brighten the skin.” On lighter skin, purple blush may make more of a statement than it will on deeper complexions, where Frankel says it will create a more natural finish. “The warmth in the skin is offset by the purple to provide a natural flush of colour.”

My recommendation: Multitasking products are essential, especially with summer on the horizon. Nudestix’s Nudies blush is meant to be worn on the cheeks, lips and eyes and can be blended with the built-in brush or your finger.

Nudestix Nudies Matte in Moodie Blu, $37 through

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