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University friends Kaushik Sudharsanam and Aditya Dutta created their online plant retailer Fleur & Co out of their desire to help both their community and the environment.Handout

Calgary-based online plant retailer Fleur & Co.’s green approach to e-commerce was born out of co-founders and university friends Kaushik Sudharsanam and Aditya Dutta’s desire to help both their community and the environment. “We decided to explore the idea of houseplants delivered to your door without the use of any plastic packaging,” Dutta says. “When the tragedy of COVID-19 hit, we knew that it was the best time to lend a helping hand to people who might not have felt safe leaving their homes but still desired something that brought the outside indoors.”

Last January, Fleur & Co. launched with an assortment of plants and accessories to suit all environments, whether low-light or shared with pets, for example, and skill levels. “We want to make it easy for everyone to be a plant parent by giving them the opportunity to own a plant that will fit perfectly into their life as it is now,” Dutta says. Today, their bestselling greenery such as the monstera deliciosa, devil’s ivy and ZZ plant are shipped to homes across the country with zero plastic included.

The ongoing popularity of houseplants is something that Dutta says helps people feel reconnected to nature. “Plants not only give us so many health benefits, but also comfort and ease. With the calming nature that plants exude they allow us to ground ourselves and come into the caring and nurturing role that we all possess.”

Fleur & Co.,


Monstera Deliciosa Small, $24.99.


Devil’s Ivy Pothos Small, $19.99.


Alocasia Pink Dragon Medium, $49.99.

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