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Harry Rosen has been outfitting Canadians since 1954 and recently expanded its offering into everything a guy needs to get ready before he gets dressed. Grooming That Suits You is a selection of personal care products available through its website. “Our customers were telling us that they were investing differently in themselves. We saw it in the sales – it was very hard to sell a suit in the pandemic,” says Ian Rosen, the executive vice-president of digital and strategy and founder Harry’s grandson.

This new selection consists of more than 400 products including tools for shaving, skin care and fragrances. Twenty-five per cent of these options are from Canadian brands, such as Educated Beards of Fredericton and Edmonton’s Mast. There’s also plenty of high-end options such as straight razors from Dovo that come with olive and ebony wood handles.

For Rosen, part of the excitement of Grooming That Suits You lies in its personal nature. His own foray into grooming products came when he grew what he describes as a very long, ZZ Top beard a few years ago. “I got very deep into personal care and grooming because you can’t grow a beard without some actual education, or your face will go crazy on you,” he says. “We have the benefit that a lot of men trust us with their personal style,” Rosen says. Expect to see the retailer expanding into other categories in the future, including watches, fitness gear and items for the home.

Harry Rosen,

Mast Everything Wash, $45.

Samuel Pasquier

Wise Red Maple Cream Pomade, $33.

Educated Beards Beard Balm, $30.

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