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The Scented Market now has three locations in Southern Ontario and a fourth opening in Paris, Ont. later this month.

For the Scented Market owner Kristy Miller, what started out as a quest for clean candles has grown into a full-fledged fragrance business. With three locations in Southern Ontario and a fourth opening in Paris, Ont. later this month, the store aims to enhance time spent at home through eco-minded products. “We want our customers to come into our retail locations and feel like they are in the comfort of their own home, while enjoying the atmosphere of smelling our products,” Miller says. This intimate ethos led to her decision to grow her business through storefronts in the downtown cores of smaller towns and cities where she believes a relationship with customers can be closer.

After researching the candle-making process, Miller decided to try her hand at pouring candles in small batches. “I fired up the burners on my stove and set off each night – usually alongside making dinner for my family – to create a candle that would not only be healthier, but look pleasing to the eye as well,” she says. With a focus on using eco-friendly ingredients, the Scented Market also offers a jar-return initiative and a refill program, which Miller says allows her company to reuse packaging.

Best known for its soy candles, top sellers include the But First, Coffee candle as well as Cashmere, Just Breathe and Eucalyptus Lavender scents, which are all available in multiple formats including hand soap, cleaning spray and hand sanitizer.

The Scented Market, 187 St. Andrew St. W., Fergus, Ont., 519-787-9078; 260 Edinburgh Rd. S., Guelph, Ont., 519-826-9078; 9 Queen St., Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont., 905-468-9078,

Brandon Marsh

Eucalyptus Lavender shower steamer, $11.99.

Brandon Marsh

Cashmere hand sanitizer, $4.99.

Brandon Marsh

French Vanilla scented soy candle, $27.99.

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