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Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Fairy Bomb Glittering Pom Pom in Rosé on Ice; RMS Beauty Champagne Rosé Luminizer; Smashbox + Vlada Be Legendary Liquid Lipstick in Petal Metal.HANDOUT IMAGES

The popularity of rosé has elevated the wine from merely a beverage to the embodiment of a lifestyle. A splash of pink in your glass instantly evokes feelings of relaxed sophistication. For me, that translates to visions of lounging seaside in the south of France, snacking on fresh seafood behind oversized sunglasses and a chic, wide-brimmed hat.

Rose-Marie Swift is no stranger to that dream life, having spent the past 35 years making up the famous faces of bon vivant A-listers such as Demi Moore, Isabella Rossellini and Paloma Picasso. When she launched her organic cosmetics line, RMS Beauty, in 2009, her focus was on keeping it real, from the ingredients to the final look.

The latest addition to Swift’s popular collection of potted luminizers is an effervescent shade called Champagne rosé. “It looks like bubbly Champagne, but it’s got a little pink hue to it without being over-the-top kaleidoscope, over-the-top glitter,” she explains. “It’s very refined and elegant.” So the next time you find yourself trapped at the office, stuck in traffic or suffering through another bad date, a swipe on your cheeks may be just the thing to elevate your mood.

What to try

Rihanna has been known to accessorize her street-style looks with a glass of wine. This body shimmer captures that effect without the liquor-licence violation in a sparkling shade of rosé designed to complement all skin tones.

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna fairy bomb glittering pom pom in rosé on ice, $52 at Sephora and through and

With mononymous supermodel fans including Gisele, Doutzen and Miranda, RMS delivers on that runway-worthy glow. Apply to the high points of the face.

RMS Beauty Champagne rosé luminizer, $47.50 through

Created by Smashbox lip editor-in-chief, Ukrainian makeup artist Vlada Haggerty, the pink metallic hue of this lipstick mimics the foil on top of a bottle of rosé Moët Champagne.

Smashbox + Vlada be legendary liquid lipstick in petal metal, $28 at Sephora and through

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