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Ann Kaplan gives great advice. Don’t always try to multitask, be prepared and “don’t do anything that requires correcting with a New Year’s resolution” are just a few pearls of wisdom readers will find in her forthcoming book, How to Be Successful in Spite of Yourself. The self-described “un-housewife housewife” starred on 2017’s The Real Housewives of Toronto, but is also the CEO of iFinance Canada. “The best thing I learned from juggling both the show and working full time was being well prepared and focus on where you are at,” she says.

Kaplan is what you’d call extremely high-functioning. Her days begin at 5 a.m., when she rises without the help of an alarm. “My eyes are open, and the day starts,” she says. She zig-zags through the city for the rest of the day, balancing meetings, attending the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto and finally landing back home where she shuts work off to spend undisturbed dinnertime with her husband and children.

Aiming for just a small portion of this stamina should be motivation enough for starting off strong in 2019. Here are five things that can help you do it.

Joseph Saraceno/The Globe and Mail

Portable Battery Charger

“All entrepreneurs need on-the-go charging options that are compact and easy to carry. This beautiful rose gold option is perfect.”

Rose gold Mophie Powerstation, $49.16 through

Business Card Holder

“I carry business cards everywhere I go (yes, even with an iPhone). You never know who you’re going to run into – be prepared!”

Smythson Panama card holder, $220.28 through

Smart Pen

“For those who like to multitask (read: every entrepreneur!), the smart pen is a must-have. You’ll never miss another word.”

Livescribe Echo Smart Pen, $198.98 through

Sleep Mask

“I spend a lot of time travelling for work, so I always make sure I have an eye mask with me to maximize sleep on the plane. This one is monogramable.”

KIP sleepwear mask, $67 through

Daily Planner

“Organization is a must! This beautiful planner is the chicest way to be so.”

2019 day planner, $195 at Tiffany & Co..

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