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Bikini season is upon us, and with it a renewed interest in body hair removal. How you tend to your grooming is an entirely personal decision. For those who do make the choice to remove hair through waxing, it’s important to adopt pre- and postremoval care practices to keep your skin happy.

Jessie Frampton is the co-founder of Fuzz Wax Bar, a waxing-only chain with seven locations in Ontario and Quebec. She says that, without proper maintenance, bikini wax-related complications can include in-grown hairs, acne and rashes. “We all have this habit of getting a wax and throwing on our underwear, throwing on our pants and getting on with our day,” she says. “Let’s pay attention to down there and really watch and care for it.”

To prepare for your waxing appointment, Frampton suggests exfoliating and moisturizing the area daily for at least a week prior. Afterward, take it easy for at least 24 hours to let your skin recover. That means no workouts, no steams or saunas and no lotions that haven’t been cleared for postwax use, as this can lead to irritation.

For continuing maintenance, Frampton recommends incorporating dry brushing, where a natural bristle brush is rubbed over the body before a shower, into your daily routine. “It turns it into a habit, which I like,” she says. “It’s more of a self-care, self-love routine, not just exfoliating because I have to because I have a wax.”

What to try

For before and after wax care, this body scrub contains both salt and sugar to exfoliate and glycerine to hydrate.

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This dry brush is handmade of soft, natural jute specifically for use on the bikini area.

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All of Pai’s products have been formulated with sensitive skin in mind, and this body lotion contains certified organic plant oils and butters to nourish skin.

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