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While previous waves of the pandemic found some of us using extra hours at home to level up our skin-care regimes, something new to consider as many hunker down this time around is formalizing a hair-care regimen. As the creative director and owner of Curl Rituals salon in Toronto, Tamara Theresa is an avid proponent for hair health, something she says is best achieved through a considered approach, similar to how we care for our skin.

“Going on a regimen is definitely the best goal you should have because it maintains healthy hair and helps with seeing results,” she says, explaining that a hair-care regimen can include a set plan of regular deep conditioning treatments, protecting your hair at night or using a scalp scrub. To get started, she says that a regimen can be established with the help of a hair professional who will review your hair type and recommend appropriate products and frequency of use. Theresa offers virtual consults for her clients.

My recommendation: For an unquestionably luxe start to your own hair-care regimen, look no further than Kerastase’s new Chronologiste Serum Universel. Applied on damp hair, it uses skincare-inspired ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and vitamin E to hydrate hair, add shine and control frizz.

KERASTASE 20 - Chronologiste - RETAIL - Serum 40ml (DHD).jpg. PUR-FB-RITUAL(HAIRHEALTH)-0114 Handout Kerastase product imageHandout

Kerastase Chronologiste Serum Universel, $250 through

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