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Powder sunscreens offer SPF in a powdered formula that’s applied to skin with a brush. Isabelle Villeneuve, the vice president of strategy, innovation and quality at Laboratoire Dr Renaud, a skincare company based in Quebec, explains that its Loose Powder SPF 50 Broad Spectrum sun protection are mainly made of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide in the form of powder. “We also add what we call a binder like a very light oil that will bind all the powders together,” she says, adding that this helps the product stick to skin. When applying, it’s important to be meticulous. “It’s not makeup. You need to apply it very systematically to cover everything.” She says that this type of sun protection formula is not only convenient for reapplication on the go, but is also effective all over the body. “It’s the perfect product for bald people,” she says. “We get very positive comments from men because they hate applying regular [sunscreen] on their heads. With the brush and the fact that it’s powder, it’s easier.”

My recommendation: I’ve been using Colorscience’s powder sunscreen in the mornings before I walk my dog and reapplying throughout the day. What I love most about this formula is that it’s an easy way to protect my ears from the sun, which I’m trying to remember to do every day, without getting lotion in my hair.

Colorscience Enviroscreen Protection Brush-On Shield SPF50, $85 through

Colorscience Enviroscreen Protection Brush-On Shield SPF50.Handout

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