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Mina Gerges is a plus-size model, actor and TV personality with a gorgeous complexion he says comes by way of making sure he takes care of his skin, even when he’s super busy or feeling lazy. “Noticing the difference in how much healthier my skin looks has been a huge motivator in keeping me going and has made me love trying new products and ingredients,” he says. When giving skin-care products as a gift, he recommends starting with a good cleanser (his current favourite is a combo of Dermalogica’s Special Cleansing Gel and Daily Microfoliant), which he says is less intimidating than say, a serum. For those who already have a routine, a mask can make a great addition. He also recommends a nice body cream, a product he says is underrated. “We often forget about moisturizing our bodies but trimming body hair and intense gym sessions can take a toll on our skin so it’s really important to hydrate all over.”

My recommendation: For the skin-care lover ready to level up, look no further than this new facial tool from Toronto esthetician Vee Mistry. A combination of gua sha, a traditional Chinese massage tool, and cryotherapy, which uses cold temperatures to stimulate healing, the sticks can be stored in the fridge before being drawn across the face and neck in a gesture that brings a spa-like experience home.


SKINBYVEE Gua Sha Cryo Sticks, $150 at SKINBYVEE (

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