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The Red Edit LipstickHandout

As the beauty editor at Clin d’oeil magazine in Montreal, Audrey Léonard has countless cosmetics come across her desk every day. When choosing a gift for the beauty lover in your life, she says limited holiday sets and editions from luxury houses are always a hit, but adds that niche brands can score extra points with those who are most keen. “There are some wonderful clean and innovative beauty companies that make products just as good and as luxurious as the big houses,” she says. Two of her top picks this year are the Mascara Le Serum Noir from French brand La Bouche Rouge, and a red lipstick from Danish brand Kjaer Weis’s Red Edit. “It has a creamy texture, a nourishing and certified organic formula, not to mention a refillable metal bullet. If you don’t buy it, I will.”

My recommendation: A fancy lipstick is always a glamorous treat, and nothing’s more festive than the perfect red. Kjaer Weis’s refillable cases are a covetable investment that lasts, and a will bring reminder of the gift every time it’s applied.

KJAER WEIS The Red Edit Lipstick, $65 at The Detox Market (

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