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Canadian Toy Association reveals their list of toys for toddlers to pre-teens. Here is a sneak peek.

Meccanoid G15 Personal Robot from Spin Master assembles using real tools. Take the pieces apart and re-create. Rebuild Meccanoid as a dinosaur, or anything else you can dream up. With 600 parts to play with, the possibilities are endless. Suggested Retail: $429.99

Canadian Toy Association

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Our Generation Retro Diner from Battat. 18" doll (sold separately) Hang out with friends in this Retro Diner set from Our Generation. Set includes 92 pieces Age: 3+ Suggested Retail: $219.99

Canadian Toy Association

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Gobblet Gobblers is the classic children’s strategy game, updated for the 21st century. The game takes the familiar play of Tic-Tac-Toe and makes it three dimensional by introducing different sized pieces that can be stacked on top of each other to cover the piece(s) underneath. (2 Players) From: Blue Orange Games Age: 5+ Suggested Retail: $21

Canadian Toy Association

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Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage from Mattel. This is the biggest Hot Wheels® garage ever. From air to land to sea, set includes a helicopter and five Hot Wheels with 36 spots to park. Keep the action rolling on land with two elevators, two ramps and a classic city scene. Fuel and tune up at the gas station and tune-up shop, both with realistic details. Age: 5+ Suggested Retail: $139.99

Canadian Toy Association

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3D Magic Maker by Tech 4 Kids. With 3D Maker, kids can turn gel designs into 3D creations. Trace your designs on a template and insert it into the Maker. The gel becomes solid after enclosed exposure to LED light. Connect finished pieces together to build multi-dimensional structures. The 3D Maker is unlike any other maker system, using light instead of heat for kid-safe play. Age: 6+ Suggested Retail: $39.99

Canadian Toy Association

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Li’l Woodzeez Food Truck. These animals create delicious meals for everyone in Honeysuckle Hollow. Products are organically grown and locally sourced right out of Honeysuckle Hollow. Animal families sold separately.Age: 3+ Suggested Retail: $59.99

Canadian Toy Association

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Elsa by JAKKS Pacific Canada. The magical microphone can recognize who's singing so you and Elsa can Sing-A-Long together. Place the microphone near Elsa's mouth to hear her sing "Let it Go," then start singing your favorite part with the Mic and have Elsa pick up where you leave off. Age: 3+ Suggested Retail: $59.99

Canadian Toy Association

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Make Glitter Clay Charms from Klutz (Scholastic Canada). Featuring a collection of charms to wear and share, more than 35 all-new designs, a silver charm bracelet, and two packets of accent glitter. Age: 8+ Suggested Retail: $26.99

Canadian Toy Association

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B. Rockestra from Battat. Choose up to six instruments out of seven and place them on the light-up stage, then listen and belt out a selection of 15 songs. Swap out the different instrument combos until you find your perfect mix. Ages: 3+ Suggested Retail: $59.99

Canadian Toy Association

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Lego Star Wars First Order Transporter from Lego Canada. The set includes dual spring-loaded shooters, top-mounted dual-stud shooter and hatch with space for a minifigure. Remove the top section for easy access. Includes seven minifigures with assorted tools and accessories: two Resistance Soldiers, two First Order Flametroopers, two First Order Stormtroopers and Captain Phasma. (792 pieces) Age: 9+ Suggested Retail: $109.99

Canadian Toy Association

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