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This was the year that Prince William and Catherine Middleton not only took over the titles of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, but also seized the moniker of 'Most Favourite Royals Ever'

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To say that Will and Kate caused a craze this year is an understatement. For avid royal fans, the spell cast over them by the royal couple is stronger than Bieber Fever.

Dimitar Dilkoff / AFP / Getty Images/Dimitar Dilkoff / AFP / Getty Images

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Even riderless horses hurried to Westminster Abbey.

Gerard Julien / AFP / Getty Images/Gerard Julien / AFP / Getty Images

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Royal watchers also had the chance to spot elusive celebs arriving for the wedding. Here are the often-heard, rarely-seen species of Beckhams. Both male and female versions of species were present for the wedding.

Fiona Hanson / AFP / Getty Images/Fiona Hanson / AFP / Getty Images

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Also on display in the procession of guests were an unbelievable number of ugly hats that go by the euphemism “fascinators.”

Jasper Juinen / WPA-Pool / Getty Images/Jasper Juinen / WPA-Pool / Getty Images

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But none were as stunningly curious as Princess Beatrice’s choice. Is it an octopus? A door knocker? An abstract rendition of female reproductive organs? The world will never know.

Chris Jackson / Getty Images/Chris Jackson / Getty Images

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Speaking of hats, there was a lot of betting surrounding the Queen’s choice of chapeau.

Chris Jackson / Getty Images/Chris Jackson / Getty Images

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The winner is yellow!

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images/Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

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No gambler saw this Royal Wedding scandal coming. Kate’s sister, Pippa, made headlines for her curve-hugging maid-of-honour dress. While you’re not supposed to outshine the bride, Pippa certainly set more tongues wagging and started a plastic surgery trend: The Pippa Middleton butt.

Chris Jackson / Getty Images/Chris Jackson / Getty Images

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The secondary Pippa scandal turned out to be nothing more than royal watchers’ wishful thinking. Despite rumours, Prince Harry and Pippa did not become an item after the wedding.

Clara Molden / WPA Pool / Getty Images/Clara Molden / WPA Pool / Getty Images

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But once the walk down the aisle began, the Pippa talk stopped as all eyes were fixed on the bride and groom.

Andrew Milligan / AFP / Getty Images/Andrew Milligan / AFP / Getty Images

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Even with the spectacle and splendour of the young couple’s wedding, though, no one could forget Diana.

UPI Originally published July 30, 1981/UPI Originally published July 30, 1981

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And before fans could finish their first pot of tea, the couple were married and kissing, politely. And everyone was happy.

Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images/Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images

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Well not everyone. This little bridesmaid, three-year-old Grace Van Cutsem, put on her best grumpy face for the cameras and crowds.

Matt Dunham / AP Photo/Matt Dunham / AP Photo

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Grace's grumpiness seemed to be infectious. Just ask the Duchess of Kent.

Chris Jackson / Getty Images/Chris Jackson / Getty Images

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But that didn’t get the newlyweds down because their journey as husband and wife was just beginning and they knew life was about to change dramatically.

Chris Jackson / Getty Images/Chris Jackson / Getty Images

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Starting with having several creepy dolls made of them, most of which had freakishly large heads and nearly no resemblance to the handsome couple.

Luke MacGregor / Reuters/Luke MacGregor / Reuters

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That's better.

Handout / AFP / Getty Images/Handout / AFP / Getty Images

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The PEZ were even better.

Handout / Reuters/Handout / Reuters

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But the Canadian $200 coin really missed the mark. Exactly who are those people supposed to be?

Handout / Royal Canadian Mint / CNW Group/Handout / Royal Canadian Mint / CNW Group

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And because the royal wedding, apparently, didn't make enough money, the royal family put together an official Royal Wedding exhibition in Buckingham Palace.

John Stillwell / WPA Pool / Getty Images/John Stillwell / WPA Pool / Getty Images

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Visitors could line up for hours to see such exciting things as the first cut in the wedding cake. Look, but don't touch. And don't even think about eating it.

Lewis Whyld / AFP / Getty Images/Lewis Whyld / AFP / Getty Images

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Even though the craziness over the wedding continued for fans, the Duke and Duchess returned to their normal royal lives, doing things like sporting cool-dude sunglasses at tennis matches.

Clive Mason / Getty Images/Clive Mason / Getty Images

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And travelling to exotic places, like Canada.

Phil Noble / Reuters/Phil Noble / Reuters

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During their royal visit, Will and Kate got a full rundown of every Canadian cultural stereotype, starting with Anne of Green Gables.

Robert F. Bukaty / AP Photos/Robert F. Bukaty / AP Photos

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Of course there was hockey.

Phil Noble / Reuters/Phil Noble / Reuters

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And who could forget cowboy hats, the physical embodiment of the Calgary Stampede. All that was missing were gratuitous photos with Mounties holding beavers.

Nathan Denette / The Canadian Press/Nathan Denette / The Canadian Press

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Beyond touring foreign countries and indulging in stereotypes, the royal couple made to time to mingle with a lot of people, like sick children.

Kirsty Wigglesworth / WPA Pool / Getty Images/Kirsty Wigglesworth / WPA Pool / Getty Images

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And Hollywood.

Mark Large / Pool / Getty Images/Mark Large / Pool / Getty Images

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Since then, Will and Kate have laid low. Every royal watcher is hoping that's because the couple is taking time to make a new royal family member, 'cause the only thing more captivating than a royal wedding is a royal pregnancy.

Gareth Fuller / WPA Pool / Getty Images/Gareth Fuller / WPA Pool / Getty Images

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