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Aaron James Draplin evokes this simplicity for a living. The acclaimed graphic designer and Field Notes co-founder makes his trade in sense appeal – the tangible pleasure of a well-kept notebook, and clean, recognizable logos that exude timeless elegance. Here's some of his work

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A sample of Draplin's work from his "Pretty Much Everything Up to May 27th, 2009" poster.

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The "Open Road" logo, available on a T-shirt.

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Draplin Design Co. stationary.

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Draplin is the co-founder of Field Notes stationary.

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Draplin designed this logo for a shirt for a Jacksonville speaking event.

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An ode to Draplin's departed dachshund Gary.

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The logo for Incase's "Let's Be Friends!" social media campaign.

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The Lookout software logo.

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A logo for Serious Electronics, a subsidiary studio of Hutchco. a company that does commercials.

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A logo for skateboard gear company Suburban Blend.

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Draplin designed the branding for the Union binding company.

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He also does work for musicians, including CD designs.

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