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the catalysts

Hannah Sung chats with Globe Life & Arts editor Gabe Gonda about our new Catalyst series.

The Catalysts, in simple terms, is a talent search.

We want you to identify creative Canadians who are involved in extraordinary, innovative pursuits – just under our radar.

Whether it's a young chef in Moncton, an architect in Iqaluit or a songwriter in Toronto, we want to celebrate them and tell their stories. Click here for nomination form. You can also submit your catalyst nominees through Facebook.

To help pick the winners, I'm joined by a panel of judges who are extraordinary in their own right: Bonnie Brooks, profiled here; Jeffrey Remedios, founder and chief executive officer of Arts & Crafts records; and David Lee, chef and co-owner of Nota Bene restaurant.

They all stand out in fields that require not only great creativity, but also refined commercial instincts. And they each possess another key quality: great taste.

In the coming weeks, you'll hear the judges' stories in more detail and meet some of the nominees. At the end, we'll choose 10 Catalysts, each one a future Bonnie Brooks, Jeffrey Remedios, or David Lee – all redefining their fields in inspiring ways.