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The debate has raged over circumcising our young boys for years: are there health benefits or detrimental effects to sexuality and health?

A growing number of North Americans, who call themselves 'Intactivists,' say the procedure is excruciatingly painful, sexually harmful, medically unsupported and violates the human rights of newborns who cannot consent.

Yet many continue to advocate for the procedure for its supposed hygenic benefits.

Where do you stand? Have you had your boy circumsized? Do you regret it?

Join the conversation today at 2 p.m. ET with experts on both sides of the issue:

Maurene White, a Montreal nurse educator who has counseled more than 3,000 men who struggle with sexual dysfunction, and Maria Wawer, who co-authored a study that argued circumcision reduces HPV rates.

Readers joining us on smartphones can join the live discussion here

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