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Who can disagree with a French bulldog's claim that "Democracy has gone to dogs"?

Or a kitten who self-identifies with the disenfranchised 99 per cent?

An inexcusably adorable Tumblr account has been set up to document the protest movement's shaggiest denizens, as Occupy pet owners use their puppies and kitties to battle for global economic change.

Perhaps those unmoved by yet another North Face-donning anti-capitalist might give the cause more paws (sorry) when presented with a mutt decrying Wall Street's fat cats. Or maybe a well-coiffed Bichon Frise beseeching "greedy Wall Street" to stop stealing his bone?

So is it quaint or oppressive to hang your beliefs off a politically disinterested creature?

In among the feline and canine protesters also sits the occasional baby: One chews a raggedy cardboard sign reading, "Babies Against Big Business."

What effect does carting your infant or pet to a protest have?

Does it bolster claims that the movement is populated by juveniles, or is it a fun reprieve?